Baby V’s Second Birthday Garden Party

Yesterday was a full day of preparations for Baby V’s second birthday party. Because she’s shy and afraid of strangers, she isn’t the friendliest baby in the world, so we opted to invite only our neighbors and kids’ friends she sees all the time so she’d be surrounded by familiar faces. (Unfortunately, it still didn’t help that much, ha!)

I may have gone a tad overboard decorating and preparing, but I wanted to do as much as I could for her birthday, since we only did something small for her first. I have struggled with her “non-birthdays” since she was born on Leap Day. This day, I did my best to forget the day being missing and, instead, celebrate the occasion. Besides, even if it bothers me, who knows if it’ll ever bother her? She might not care as much as I do about not having “her day” every year.

With the balloons inflated, the flowers and candles set, the paper lanterns, crepe paper, and paper flowery pom-poms hung, the food was set and my baby’s second birthday garden party was ready for guests!

party balloonsI think there’s something just so celebratory and “birthday” when there’s helium balloons and crepe paper around, don’t you?

party decorationsIn addition to crepe paper and balloons, we hung tissue paper garland as well as large pom-pom flowers.

flower garlandWe purchased a lot of the garden stuff at Target. That “Happy Birthday” sign is so colorful and made of felt and will last quite a while.

baby v birthday foodIn deciding what to serve, I decided to only serve finger foods. (Essentially, when menu planning, I kept imagining the perfect foods to serve for two year olds, even though she was the only one in attendance. Finger foods for parties are the best!)

baby v party foodI served Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets on a stick using cake pop sticks and stuck them in floral foam (so that it stayed). I used basket grass to conceal it in the trifle bowl.

chicken nugget on a stickI made out like a bandit getting fun, colorful, and “garden inspired” tin buckets and colorful ceramic bowls from the dollar section at Target. I also cleaned up in our local Garden Ridge store that’s relocating to a different location, most of their stuff was 50-70% off, so I purchased those cute floral pink candles and colorful votives.

more party foodThese “Cinna-Sweeties” from our local Schlotzsky’s/Cinnabon were a huge hit. We also ordered their famous (and ridiculously addicting) sandwiches, a dessert tray, as well as a cookie tray from them. So delicious!

schlotzky's cinnabon cinna-sweeties cateringTo brighten up the drink table (literally), I bought these LED lights from Amazon. They have 8 different modes and many different colors. With their clear wires and teeny-tiny bulbs, they were fun but easily could be inconspicuous depending upon your decor need. I thought they added a little fun and flair to the table.

led lights around drinksI found this watering can also in the dollar store section at Target (along with a lot of those paper straws). I decorated the watering can with colorful washi tape.

washi tape target dollar decorAnd here was the comedic moment that made it all worth it – her first ever time being sung “Happy Birthday” to by people other than us. At first, she thought everyone singing was pretty cool (you can see she was smiling), until she realized the singing was for her, and that everyone was looking at her. It went downhill after that, haha! As for blowing out the cake.. well… she said “SCREW THAT” in typical, Baby V fashion. You’ll see. 🙂

My crazy little two-year-old enjoying her birthday smash cake.

baby enjoying her smash cakebaby's smash cakeHappy second birthday, V! I hope you enjoyed your first big party, baby sweet pea. We love you!