12 Netflix Titles That Promote Kindness and Acceptance #StreamTeam

I’m a compensated member of the Netflix Stream Team.

12 movies and shows on Netflix that promote kindness for kidsI was a nervous nelly moving here, I admit it. As the kids get older, moving doesn’t get any easier, just harder. Would they find friends right away? Would they eat lunch alone? Who would they meet – would they be nice to my children, or mean?

With the long car trips associated with the move, we had a little time to watch some streamed movies on Netflix in our hotel rooms and on the road. These movies, and the talks that inevitably came from these movies, helped gear them up for their first days this past week.

Kindness favorites for your older kids:

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Kindness favorites your littler ones:

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Kindness Punch Box

kindness punchbox

Inspire your kids to do good by turning random acts of kindness into a fun game. With our Kindness Punch Box, your kids can break through each tissue-papered hole to reveal a kindness challenge, like smiling at everyone you meet or making a sweet treat to share with your neighbors. Click here to learn how make your own.

Salted Caramel Monkey Bread


If you’re familiar with the Netflix original series Derek, you know that he loves many things and finds kindness in each and every one of them. In the spirit of celebrating some of those favorite things, we’re making Monkey Bread this month. Not only is this delicious treat named after one of Derek’s “favoritest animals,” but it’s also perfect to share with family and friends. Click here to learn how to make your own.