Seasonal Wellness Support with Young Living Oils

Seasonal Wellness Support with Young Living OilsMoving was SUCH a task. I knew the movers were coming to pack us up and I wanted to be fully prepared in advance. This forced us to open up every box, container, drawer, closet and more in the house to evaluate, organize, and purge our stuff.

crazy moveFor my son and me, this was pretty much a nightmare with everything we unearthed that had laid dormant for so long. Thankfully, we were supported with Young Living’s Lavender and Cedarwood oils.

Lavender is considered the “swiss army knife” of oils because it can aid us in so many ways.

Swiss army knife lavender essential oilI keep Lavender with me always, not just for seasonal wellness usage, but for occasional skin issues, relaxation/calming, and more.

lavender oilAdditional oils that are great, other than Lavender and Cedarwood, are lemon and peppermint. Peppermint is an amazing oil that helps me with respiratory support. Lemon is an oil I already drink in my water daily, but when I’ve combined 1-2 drops each of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint into a teaspoon of honey, I can inhale freely!

peppermint-lavender-lemonHave you used these oils for seasonal wellness before, or are you ready to try them for yourself?

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We love and trust using Young Living essential oils, having used them for years. For more information, check out my Young Living information page.