My Kelly Ripa Interview

Yesterday I had the extraordinary pleasure of speaking to Kelly Ripa … Wait. I seriously just said that? I spoke to Kelly Ripa! Can you tell I’m still reeling?? {insert girly-type squeaking while jumping up and down here} Yes, it’s true, and yes, I have a video of it (to prove to all you that […]

Summer Boredom Busters – Water Fun

If school hasn’t gotten out for the summer yet, it will soon. One of the most dreaded phrases our kids can say is “I’m bored”. I will tell you, my children have stopped saying that (except for my oldest, who apparently can’t get out of her own way). I have ALWAYS found that saying absolutely […]

Baby Lightsaber Humor

I had to use this set of pictures for this one, I couldn’t not. You’ll see why in a minute. Look how awesome my baby lightsaber is, dude!!!! Uh, mom?! Has someone spiked this kid’s pureed bananas with something? A baby lightsaber-WHA?! Who bottle fed you the HATERADE, bro?! What’s up with that? My baby […]

Disney Wore Baby Dude Out

I am so tired, I might curl up next to him. Mickey, you wore us out! Never miss a post! Subscribe here for all kinds of crazy parenting fun!

Making a Military House a Home with Plants

Here’s what I’ve been spending my past few days on. We’re just about finished with the front (after we fertilize the lawn we’ll be done, that is). Here’s the tour: This is next to our front door. My children’s handpainted pots with their hand-selected plants. The purple wave petunias in the hanging plant remind me […]