DIY Sugar-Free Pumpkin Latte with Truvia

I’ve tried other variations on the DIY Pumpkin Latte (from Starbucks) but I hadn’t found that winning combination of pumpkin, spice, and sweetness yet. Deciding to experiment for myself, with my good ‘ol coffee buddy Truvia, I came up with what I think is a pretty spectacular latte, if I do say so myself. DIY […]

Sweet and Skinny Cookbook Twitter Party with Truvia and Marisa Churchill (Plus a Giveaway!)

Everyone loves a good party, right? Mark your calendars for June 28th, friends, because this one you won’t want to miss! DESSERTS, people, we’re talking desserts! YES! And even better? We’re talking great-tasting desserts that WON’T punish your hips for eating ’em. Can I get an amen? On Tuesday, June 28th, you’ll get the opportunity […]

Staying Cool This Summer with Flavored Water

Every day since we’ve gotten to San Antonio, it’s been 100+ degrees outside. I am doing my best to keep ’em hydrated and cool, complete with a purified in-fridge water and ice system, as well as staying indoors during the hottest hours of the day (which seems like every hour, I won’t lie), but for […]

Busy Mom Fitness – Sweeten Your Disposition – Day 3

Baby Weight Be Gone – A Busy Mom’s Guide to Fitness Lose the Baby Weight – Want to Join Me? Pride Swallowing Time – My Before Pictures – Day 1 Busy Mom Fitness – Kill Two Birds With One Stone – Day 2 Busy Mom Fitness- Sweeten Your Disposition – Day 3 Busy Mom Fitness […]