Stomach Bug 3 – Parents 0

The stomach bug is winning. First my toddler, then my four-year-old, now my 8-year-old daughter.

Of all days it had to jump up and bite her, it had to be their last day of school and day of their Christmas party. My poor baby is miserable upstairs, clutching a bucket, missing out on the Christmas festivities with her class.

And no matter how hard I try, Pedialyte and crackers just isn’t cookies and candy and fun with her friends.

Okay stomach bug, you can seriously stop now. It’s hard watching my babies drop one by one, despite how fastly you come and go.

I haven’t done so much laundry, or cleaned the carpets this much in.. I don’t know when. I want to cordon off my home with caution tape or something, wear head-to-toe protective gear or just run screaming from the house while I light it ablaze.


After what we’ve been through here, that last option sounds appealing


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