To-Do Tuesday Week 5

I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for five weeks already, can you? I’ve been doing well at getting more and more done around here, I’ve definitely noticed a difference? I was kicking serious butt this week, too, until I got sick. Bleh.

So this week, I’m going a little easier on myself. My #1 priority on my To-Do list right now?


And perhaps, once that’s taken care of, I’ll get to this:

To-Do Everyday T W T F S S M
1-2 loads of laundry
Respond to Comments
Respond to Emails
Room chores* (see below)
Clean out reader

*Room chores

    Tuesday – Deep clean bathrooms & front yard swept
    Wednesday – Deep clean bedrooms & Backyard swept
    Thursday – Deep clean kitchen and clean out van (if needed)
    Friday – Deep clean living room and side room
    Saturday – Soccer games and deep clean dining room
    (Like how Sunday and Monday don’t have anything?)

Other important items:

    Finish sewing Dora outfit, start other sewing projects?
    Donate clothing
    Sell box of stuff in hallway, or something
    Take bedspread to cleaners
    Mail packages


(Like that table? I’m still wondering how well it’ll work for me. Nonetheless, if you want to try it, go here and give it a go. It’ll generate it for you. How sweet is that?) NOT SWEET! Blogger and tables are NOT friends. Trust me. I’ve had to redo this fricken post a gazillion times. Apparently, when you try to use tables, you can’t use the “enter” key. At all. I will talk about this in another post, when I do this tutorial myself, should you want to tackle it, you’ll want to be informed about THIS.

Just so you know, you can join us at anytime, it doesn’t have to be only today – the list will go up on Tuesdays, but you can make your list and link to us at any point in the week!

If this is your first time and you’re wondering what To-Do Tuesday is all about, click to check out the first post to find out more.

Remember, with “To-Do Tuesday”, we’re attacking our to-do lists each week, blogging about our lists and what we’ve got going on, and sharing it with each other to help keep each other accountable. Everyone should come back here to link up in the Mister Linky as the central “To-Do Tuesday Hub” so we can visit who’s participating and offer encouragement to each other throughout the week. Don’t forget to add the “To-Do Tuesday” button to your post, linking back to this post!

Let’s continue to cross items off our list as we go and help support each other in completing our lists! Don’t forget my useful HTML tutorial on how to effectively “cross-out” or “check off” your items on your to-do list!

Are you ready to rock your To-Do list with us? C’mon, let’s party! That is, after I get better 😉

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