Mastering the Mickey Pancake

by Lisa Douglas

My last attempts at Mickey-Shaped pancakes equaled a gigantic mega-fail on my part. See?

Mickey-shaped pancake failReally, I know. That was a lame attempt at free-pouring.

I am happy to report that I no longer have to try it freehanded. I have weapons with which to create awesome! Woohoo! Upon visiting one of the many shops at Disney World, I found them, I found the tools I needed in my pancake-making arsenal – Mickey pancake molds. Suh-weet! Look at how awesome they are!

mickey shaped pancakes
Well, this batch was my first out of the gate. I left them on too long, so they were a little too brown. I learned my lesson, though.

mickey shaped pancakes
Watch for bubbles, remove the mold, count to ten, then flip. The result when you flip is golden brown, as you see there on the right (above) and on top (below).

mickey shaped pancakes
Don’t overpour as well. Pour just enough to fill the shape in the bottom. Less is more, as pancakes rise.

The silicone one shown above is a tad harder, though. There’s no handy dandy handle to hold on to, so I burnt my fingers A LOT since the trick is to get the molds as hot as your pan, so it cooks up the sides as it cooks on the bottom, too, so you don’t ruin the shape you’re making and get runny, almost-Mickey-shaped pancakes.

In order to remove the silicone mold without burning yourself, I use a combination of a butter knife and pancake-flippin’ spatula, so I don’t have to touch the frickin’ flaming hot Mickey head. Yowch! I also found spraying both with a nonstick cooking spray helped, too.

Did I mention I can make scrambled eggs with ’em, too?

mickey shaped eggs
We’re Mickey-head-eatin’ fools here. It’s so much fun to try to keep that excitement going.

(Startling observation: we purchased these molds at Disney World, and I was going to link you to some sites I found that sell them online, so you could get them if you wanted to, too, however, most sites I found offer them at DOUBLE the price you pay in the park! Holy crap! I purchased ours at Mouse Gear at Epcot, and paid only $3.95 for the small egg mold with the handle, and just $6.95 for the red silicone one! My suggestion would be, if you want these and aren’t visiting Disney World soon, to find a store that sells them for that price, or ask a buddy who may be planning to go soon to pick you up a couple.)

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