Dora Cupcakes Nightmare (aka Ways to Scare the Crap Out of the Birthday Girl)

by Lisa Douglas
Dora Cupcakes

Non-sucktastic Dora Cupcake “Cake”

I do not own one of those fancy schmancy cake decorator thingamabobs anymore. I did once upon a time, and made a spectacular Dora cupcakes “cake” into the shape of Dora’s head I was pretty freakin’ proud of (see right).

(At least, *I* thought it was spectacular, anyway.)

My newly-turned four-year-old decided she wanted to test my cake-decorating prowess {cough} and asked for, yet again, Dora cupcakes. Except, without the fancy schmancy cake decorator thingamabobs, I was left with a couple cheap-o plastic bags and my own, not-so-steady hand.

What was supposed to turn out like these Dora Cupcakes turned into the scariest bunch of Dora cupcakes on the planet. A veritable Nightmare on Birthday Street, if you will.

Dora Cupcakes

I know, friends. I know. Pitiful, aren’t they?

Problem #1:  Never make any of your icing too “drooly” or “dribbly” so that you cannot use it properly. The white was a freakin’ NIGHTMARE to work with. It came pouring out of the bag.

Dora Cupcakes

Exhibit A: Drooly Eyed Dora

Problem #2: Trying to be exact in your outlines with a bag of icing and an apparently way-too-caffeinated hand gives you “less than stellar” results. (And by “less than stellar,” I mean, downright awful.)

Dora Cupcakes

Exhibit B: Her eye outline is connected to her nose outline. And her eyes are drooly, too. Sigh.

Problem #3: Fruit Roll-Ups are NOT (I repeat, NOT!) easy to cut at all, let alone little teeny tiny mouth shapes.

Dora Cupcakes

Exhibit C: Crooked Mouthed Dora aka Cracked Out Dora

Dora Cupcakes

Exhibit D: “What-the-hell-is-wrong-with-my-mouth” Dora aka Mick Jagger Dora aka Steven Tyler Dora

Problem #4: Because it’s her birthday (and it sounded like a good idea at the time), you let your toddler help make and frost the cupcakes, and when those cupcakes become faces, this leaves you with a deformed looking character.

Dora Cupcakes

Exhibit D: Jacked Up Face Dora aka Skelator Dora

Dora Cupcakes

Exhibit E: Lumpy Faced Dora

This job sucked without that awesome decorator thingamabobber, lemme tell ya.

Dora Cupcakes

Exhibit F: Malicious Looking Dora

Then came birthday-singing and serving time. And my kids reactions. {Hold me!}

Dora Cupcakes

Probably the only good view of the cupcakes

Dora Cupcakes Dora Cupcakes Dora Cupcakes
{face palm}

(P.S. I don’t always suck at cakes, y’know. Only sometimes. Ahem. More #dessertfail posts here.

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