Toddler Gigantor Nerf Gun War

by Lisa Douglas

There is no doubt that he’s all boy. He may show interest in brushing my hair, putting lotion on me, and regularly chimes in on wanting his nails painted, too, when I paint his sisters. But this Baby Dude boy is all boy.

Trucks. Power Rangers. Ninjas. Pretend guns and swords. “Pew pew pew!” he calls out with the guns that don’t make sound, and oh, the poses!

Rough ‘n tough boy, all around. He took the biggest, badded Nerf gun he could find to come “get me.”

Nevermind the gun was bigger than HE was. Good gravy!

“Are you sure you can hold that one, baby?”

“Yeah, I dot it.” He says, maneuvering it, mouth agape, trying to sling it around and to the side to aim.

“Gotchyu, mommy!”

Oh, yes you ‘got’ me, baby. In so many more ways than just one.

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