Dessert for Dinner

by Lisa Douglas

dessert for dinner

Once upon a time, a mom wanted to do something special for her kids, to make up for their missed vacation. She opened up her web browser, and clicked on a few of her favorite bookmarked recipes, and solidly mixed, sifted, stirred, baked and created magic for almost four hours.

The result? Dessert for dinner – one of the most special dinners I’d ever made!

(It was also one of my most favoritest things to do as a parent. Ever.)

How about some cake, kids? I made any old ordinary homemade vanilla cake super-special using all-natural sprinkles from the Natural Candy Store. (That’s my affiliate link, just so ya know.) 🙂

all-natural homemade funfetti cake

What about some cookies? We have chocolate vanilla chip and chocolate chip (from Immaculate Baking, of course).

chocolate cookieschocolate chip cookies

Making a homemade ice cream cake was truly a treat (no pun intended). This meant a great deal to me, we can never walk into an ice cream place and get something all-natural, let alone an ice cream cake. Making this for my kids reminded me of eating these as a child. I crushed up some Newman’s Os (organic Oreos) mixed with butter as the crust, used 1/2 gallon of vanilla all-natural ice cream, and mixed it with a container of TruWhip. We melted down our own chocolate sauce instead of store-bought, and added peanut butter chips alongside chocolate chips, with crushed up peanut butter cups in the center. A whole lotta love went into this one.

homemade ice cream cake

These cupcakes were downright SINFUL. They had all-natural refrigerated cookie dough on the bottom, with either a Newman’s O or peanut butter cup in the center, then topped with an all-natural brownie batter on top, layered into a cupcake liner in a cupcake pan and baked until cooked through.

cookie dough oreo peanut butter brownie cupcakes

I decided to add some dessert-y breakfast elements to the meal. My daughter really loves cinnamon (like I do), so I made some baked cinnamon doughnuts (but next time, we’re doing my glazed strawberry doughnuts or nutella doughnuts next time!)

homemade baked cinnamon sugar doughnuts

And the kids always love some cinnamon rolls. We used the Immaculate Bakery company kind (our favorite).

cinnamon rolls

Cut up and serve some fruit, too. Instead of a dip, I used some all-natural vanilla yogurt in the center to dip them in. SO YUM!

fruit and yogurt dip

We topped the meal off by serving it with some root beer floats. Yes, that’s a Dora spoon in a coffee mug. Heh.

root beer float

After my kids finished freaking out, they plopped immediately down and began enjoying themselves.

kids freaking out

It was a meal of a lifetime. A celebration of celebrations. See? I don’t always suck at dessert.

Would you ever do something like this, too? (Or have you?)

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