My Weight Loss Dilemma

by Lisa Douglas

I thought, if I stayed active, ate home-cooked foods with clean eatingrode bikes, took walks, and went on weekend runs with my son, that the excess baby weight would just melt away.

It hasn’t.

I tried several different training guides, by lifting weights, different cardio, and nothing is working. I fluctuate in the high 140’s to low 150’s, and the scale simply won’t budge. Neither will my measurements (so it isn’t gaining muscle while losing fat.)

I really don’t know what to do next, except maybe a cleanse. Except I can’t do a cleanse because I’m breastfeeding still.

What have I been doing, exactly?

  • Long, fast walks pushing a double or single stroller (1-6 miles at a time)
  • Riding bikes daily (sometimes in circles near our house, sometimes around the neighborhood. 1-4 miles at a time)
  • I run on the weekends (when my husband is home. 2-4 miles at a time)
  • I’m drinking green shakes, yogurt drinks, taking a probiotic and digestive enzymes with multivitamin.
  • I recently bought 20lb weights to lift instead of combining my 10lb and 3lb together (which hurt to hold both). 20 is hard, and I do less reps now.
  • I use my exercise ball as a “weight bench” and use resistance bands.
  • Occasionally, I do yoga.
  • I stand and keep moving as much as I can, even if it means time spent working is less (which means I need to work faster).
  • I avoid bread and sugar, using only pink Himalayan salt sparingly on foods, with little-to-no margarine or olive oil.
  • I drink my coffee without skim milk now, and cut down to using only two Truvia per cup. I’ve also cut my coffee consumption, too, down to one, maybe two cups a day (SHOCKING, I KNOW!)

So, there it is, out there for all to see. Here’s where I am, today.

weight update 9-17-13 weight update 9-17-13 weight update 9-17-13

Maybe it’s a lack of a schedule.
Maybe it’s the stress of soccer, school, football, etc.
Maybe I’m still not doing the right exercises, or eating the right foods.
But, maybe, one of you can help me, and suggest something, because I’m all out of ideas, short of going completely vegan. Or something.

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