Fun at the Bike Rodeo

by Lisa Douglas

Every year the elementary school puts on a “Bike Rodeo” to help ensure the kids are safe when riding their bikes. They ensure their tires are inflated properly, and look good, that their helmets fit well, and that they ride safely, teaching hand signals and testing their abilities. It is so sweet and adorable to witness. The kids always are so excited to show off their bikes to their friends.

bike rodeo

The HUGE array of bikes the children brought to school to participate.

dad helping her with her helmet

My husband helping her get ready.

riding straight lines

First event – riding inside a straight line.

ready for her next event

Ready for event two.


So sweet.


I think this one’s her favorite.

figure 8

Performing a figure eight.

huggy sister

As soon as Baby V saw her sister, she ran over to hug her.

zig-zag cones

Next up – zig-zag cones.

riding in a straight line


finished riding bikes

All done!

missed her sister

Somebody missed her sister very much..

It’s always so hard to go back home after visiting the school. I hate leaving my kids again after visiting them, it feels like somebody is ripping out my heart.

Baby Dude was pretty upset that he couldn’t partake in the rodeo, so he dazzled us on his bike when we got home. Remember, this guy just learned to ride his bike not even two weeks ago. And now this:

daredevil on a bikedaredevil bike dudeMy husband was off today because of the holiday. Spending time with him, coupled with this bike rodeo, the fall weather, and a Friday to boot?

My heart is full.

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