Angel Soft® Facial Tissue Soft Packs Travel Wherever, Whenever. Because Boogers Happen.

This post is sponsored by Angel Soft® facial tissue, but the allergies and booger-talk is all mine.

I posted this image on Instagram yesterday.

I couldn’t resist taking this picture while on my morning walk taking the kids to school. Back to school time living here means I get to walk them to and from school daily, because I live close enough to do so, HOORAY! I so enjoy our daily walks, getting fresh air and sunshine, and seeing the beautiful sights (it truly is beautiful here, as is evidenced above). The gorgeous pine against that picturesque sky backdrop, I simply couldn’t resist sharing yesterday. What you don’t realize, though, is just how much that bountiful pine is wreaking havoc on me right now. Allergies, man. They BLOW (pun unintended).

With all the school shopping and everything we accomplished a few weeks back, and all the Angel Soft® tissues we purchased for the kids’ classrooms, can you believe I forgot to purchase a little something for me? I was caught COMPLETELY off guard when my allergies eventually hit. My oh-so beautiful, generous, adoring husband stopped at the grocery store on the way home one day, and I am grateful, because facial tissues are SO much softer than bath tissue (y’know, the “butt” kind). Angel Soft® was also kind enough to send me a care package, too, which features their new soft packs!

Angel Soft New Soft PacksYou see, as a mom to kid with allergies (as well as having them myself), I need a pack for just about anywhere. I like being prepared, having everything I’ll need for everywhere I go, and I like to have my kids prepared for situations that might arise, too. My children with asthma have their inhalers at the nurses office. My kids with allergies take their morning meds, and ensure their backpacks (or coats in the winter) have tissues in them. Up until now, I’d struggled with only having those tiny baby packs of tissues to work with. But, now that Angel Soft® has come out with crush and water-resistant Soft Packs (that are full sized tissues in soft, pliable packaging) available in two sizes, they can go wherever we need them to!

Like.. in your kids’ backpacks..

Angel Soft in the backpack

.. or in the car..

Angel Soft in the car

.. crammed in your diaper bag or purse (ahem)..

Angel Soft Tissues in the purse

… or sitting quite decoratively on your fancy new desk (if you have allergies like I do, ahem)..

Angel Soft Tissues on the desk

.. or even in the bathroom! (Because, of COURSE!)

Angel Soft in the bathroomI don’t just rely on the teachers’ stash for tissues in class, I like that my kids have their own handy if they need it. The larer size of Angel Soft® soft packs have 165 sheets (the same number of sheets as the Angel Soft® medium size flat carton), while the on-the-go pack has 72 sheets (up to seven times more sheets than other standard pocket packs). Hello, awesome money-saver!

Eager to try these for yourself? Check your local newspaper for coupons, but also know there’s a coupon currently available on the Angel Soft® Facebook page and website.

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