Say Hello to Fun Family Fitness and Goodbye to Your Couch with Goji Play 2.0

by Lisa Douglas

This is a sponsored post from my partnership with Blue Goji.
My Goji Play 2.0 gaming experience, fitness opinions, and fashionable workout gear options are my own.

Goji Play 2.0 packageI’m usually pretty religious with working out daily, but the past few months I’ve been far too inconsistent and in a bit of a rut emotionally. (And, I know, the lack of consistency is definitely not helping my emotional rut. Please scold me, I need it.) This whole “winter” thing is for the birds, man. What is it with getting darker earlier? And this cold B.S.? I miss Texas, I miss it being 80 in November, I miss sunshine for days (we had two weeks of rain straight, here, and apparently more rain than Seattle this year). My lawn is dead (or, winter dormant), my plants are droopy, dead, and crispy, the tree leaves are all ugly brown (if they’re still on the trees at all), and everything that used to motivate me to get outside to enjoy the outdoors is suddenly dead and in hiding because of the season. My S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is in full effect, y’all.

Winter blahs, I gots ’em. And it ain’t even technically winter yet! *sad face*

Let’s not forget that it was just my birthday and Thanksgiving, and I decided to jump off the ‘no/low-carb bridge’ mouth first into ALL THE CARBS – birthday carrot cake, four different Thanksgiving pies, mashed potatoes, pumpkin errythang, stuffing/dressing, and leftovers for days. HOLY HANNAH, carbs are evil, y’all. E-V-I-L with a capital E. My clothes still fit, thankfully (thank goodness for leggings!), but they don’t fit well, and my waistline is giving me the side eye.

It is time, Simba. It is time.. time to get off the couch and back in the fitness saddle.

My partnership with Blue Goji for Goji Play 2.0 couldn’t have been more appropriately timed. I mean, playing games fueled by exercise? ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THAT RIGHT NOW? I mean, that is SO right up my game-and-fitness lovin’ alley! Pair those two together, and I can’t EVEN with that! And, because it’s all about gaming, it’s fantastic fitness fun for the whole family (ages 6-and-up, that is). “Hey, kids, you want to play a game on the iPad? Sure! Hit the elliptical, pal. You can play all you want on the Goji Play 2.0. Try beating my score in Super Moto X, buddy.”

Super Moto X Goji Play screenshotUsing cardio machines (either at home or the gym), the speed of your movement can help control some of their games, along with their controllers, which sense your movement when you play. You can compete against family and friends, and use the game for all your other fitness activities, too, such as walking, running, biking, even weight-lifting and more!

GojiGo using Goji Play 2.0 on the goSome of the GojiGo options on Goji PlaySave $10 on a Goji Play 2.0 at checkout with exclusive coupon code LISAD10 at!The Goji Play 2.0 makes fitness fun for all fitness levels, with games of all kinds, such as racing, action, trivia, arcade, puzzle fun – something for everyone! And it’s available on both iOS and Android! Score!

Game choices Goji Play 2.0Working out doesn’t have to be a chore, I have always believed that, if you’re doing something you love, it isn’t “work” at all, y’know? And, I think this pairs together two worlds quite nicely, and it truly has something for everybody on all fitness levels and interests, incorporating fitness in a fun way without it being a bore. (Because, let’s face it, sometimes it IS a bore, especially on these cardio machines – nothing to look at in the gym or at home, no fresh air, no scenery, maybe music, but still, often times booooring!)

Goji Play 2.0 on ellipticalGet off that couch, friends. Fill up that water bottle, step into that fun workout gear, strap on the Goji Play 2.0 controllers, flip open the app, and get busy, yo!

Work out ready for Goji Play 2.0If you’re looking for something unique and fun to help get your family (or friends) motivated, you can’t go wrong with the Goji Play 2.0 system. Wanna get one for the holiday, get free shipping, and save $10? Use my unique code LISAD10 at checkout to save $10 on a new Goji Play 2.0 system that ships free! Woohoo!!

Save $10 on Goji Play 2.0 with code LISAD10 at checkout!To keep up with Blue Goji and fun Goji Play 2.0 updates, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube using hashtags #GetUpAndGojiPlay and/or #GetEmOffTheCouch.

Save $10 on a Goji Play 2.0 at checkout with exclusive coupon code LISAD10 at!

This blog post was sponsored by Blue Goji but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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