Frozen Flowers


Frozen. That’s what we woke up to this morning. The entirety of everything encapsulated in ice. Cars. Trees. Bricks. Every petal on every flower. Every …

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having a blast on the trampoline with the sprinkler

Trampoline Sprinkler Fun – A Poem

Bathing suits snap against skin, tightening knots on waistbands, water spout creaks, sliding into the “on” position, forcing icy retreat through the snake-like rubber hose, …

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Her chest rises and falls with every inhalation;I struggle to adjust to its temporarily silence,unwilling to disrupt it with electronic interference while she sleeps. She …

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The Walk

I see the tiniest hint of yellow in the trees Which is funny to me Because it’s still 80 degrees My legs reach out one …

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I Am Me

I feel kind-of dorky when in front of the camera. I am usually behind it, quite happy to be snapping away at the life surrounding …

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