caramel latte

Work With Me

Welcome Thank you for your interest! C’mon in! I’ve just brewed a fresh pot of coffee, and I love having guests over. Just who am …

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Everything Else – All Categories

Looking for something? You can see all I have to offer right here. Here’s some of my favorite categories: Categories in alphabetical order: #dessertfail #motrinmoms …

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oreo cookie cake

Oreo Cookie Cake Recipes

For my oldest daughter’s birthday, I made her and her friends an Oreo Cookie-Shaped Cake. It was a two-layered chocolate fudge cake (two chocolate layers …

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1000th Post! Whoa.

I saw this on my dashboard this morning. I was completely taken aback, folks. Firstly, I haven’t posted since Tuesday? Sheesh! Guess I’ve been really …

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