Out of the Mouth of Babes, Part 3

(Foreward, I promise you were aren’t a genital-centered family, it’s just a fascination for my 3 year old at present, heh)

I’m changing my youngest. My 3 year old looks down, as I’m changing her, and asks:
3 year old: “Does she (my youngest) have a weiner?”
Me: “No honey, she’s a girl.”
3 year old: “Oh. So.. (slight pause) boys have weiners?”
Me: “Yes, honey. Only boys do. Even big boys.”
3 year old: “Oh! (pauses again). Big boys have wots (lots) of weiners. And they’re ready.”

HAHA! I wonder, ready for what???

Ahh.. he is wise beyond his years, *giggle*snort*


Me: “Uh oh, there are lights ahead. I hope it isn’t an accident.”
8 year old son: “Yeah, cuz we’re in rush hour.”
7 year old daughter: “What’s rush hour?”
8 year old son: “It’s when everyone rushes and drives fast to get to where they are.”


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