Someone Snap Me Out of My Lack-Of-Christmas-Spirit Funk

Anyone seen my Christmas spirit around somewhere? I think I might’ve lost it.

  • Christmas decor up – check
  • Christmas tree up (despite half the lights out before we decorated it) – check
  • Lights up outside – almost check (icicles to hang)
  • 8 ft inflatable snowman up – check
  • Donations – begun and ongoing
  • Christmas cards – nope
  • Christmas gifts – not even close…

What’s wrong with me? Why am I not ‘feeling it’? Where’s my Christmas mojo? I was totally into it back in September. Could’ve been that I was just nesting. Where’d it go?

You know, I haven’t forgotten to send this card out, or donate everyday. I jumped at the chance to write my Mother Letter to help someone else for their gift for their loved one. I’m even giving out Carbon Neutrality for a day. Did that work, as beautiful as those notions are? *heavy sigh* Guess not.

I’m always giving, donating, so nothing has changed in that respect. I love giving, you’d think that would be enough. But it isn’t.

Here I sit daily, staring in the eyes of my beautiful children, delirious off of their energy, their spirits. Yet I can’t seem to harness it for myself and get into it. At all.

The weirdest part of all? I’ve never been happier. Ever. I’m seriously beaming with happiness all day long. Yet, I’m just so totally not into Christmas this year. How can that be?

Is it the change of scenery? Being in Louisiana instead of North Carolina? Not sure.

Here I am, compiling lists of great ideas for gifts, even going as far as to put some items in the shopping carts on these websites, and yet I can’t follow through. I can’t engage. My body is seemingly Christmas spirit-less. There is no twinkle of christmas lights coming from within me this year. Like someone crushed my spirit and I’m back to being 8 years old again and learning there is no Santa, all over again.

Think of me as Tom Cruise in Top Gun (one of the awesomest movies of all time). I can’t engage. I just can’t.

Help me make sense of this, oh wise people. What, oh what, is wrong with me?

Talk to me, Goose.