Disney Magical Goodness

Friends, I have news (how I sat on it this long is beyond me). Big news. (This seems to be the week for it, huh?)

On April Fool’s Day I received an email that read something along the lines of (and I’m only paraphrasing, here):

Dear Lisa,

We’ve been in touch with Santa, who says you’ve been a very good girl this year. So good, in fact, that Santa rang Mickey the other day, and asked if they wouldn’t mind shipping your tired butt on out to Disney for an all-expense paid trip, without the kids. What do you say?

Your fairy god-mother

P.S. Even though this has been sent today, April Fool’s Day, it is no joke.

P.P.S. Pick up your jaw, you’re letting in flies.

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly like that, but it sure felt like it. For really real, kids, remember the trip I mentioned I was taking? Disney has invited me for an all-expense paid trip to stay at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, without the kids, for the weekend. For what’s called a Disney Mom Bloggers Mixer. They’ll wine me (and by wine, I mean sparkling grape juice, I’m breastfeedin’ ya know), they’ll dine me. Mickey will woo me. Donald and Goofy will pose with us, and probably will scare the bejeebus out of my baby-dude, who’s comin’ along for the ride cuz, as I mentioned, I’m Boobie McMilkMaker and so where I go, he goes. Just sayin’.

Do you know when the last time I went to Disney was?



Incredible. And if the idea of a room to myself (OH.MY.STARS!) wasn’t enticing enough (Did I mention TO MYSELF!?), I get to meet some AWE-SOME bloggers to boot, for a little Mom Blogger pah-tay:

Christine at From Dates to Diapers,
Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry,
Megan at Velveteen Mind,
Dawn from Because I Said So,
Emily from Mommin’ it Up,
Amanda from Oh Amanda,
Marsha at Sweatpants Mom,
Andrea at Mommy Snacks,
Lindsay at Surburban Turmoil

Along with Maria Bailey of Blue Suit Mom, DisneyWorld Mom panelistsMargaret Fries and Amber Vaughan, as well as Laura Spencer and Leanne Jakubowski, both working with Disney.

Awestruck ain’t even the word.

Oh yeah! If you want to keep up with me and the girls on the trip, follow us on Twitter by using search.twitter.com for the hashtag #magicalmoms to see all the crazy Disney stuff we’ll be sharing.

In the meantime, you’re gonna find me freakin’ out, hair-on-fire, flinging clothes into a suitcase and preparing for the trip while mumbling to myself and perhaps shaking while humming the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club, or something.

Did I mention my own room? DisneyWorld? {pinches self}

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