Prom Pictures (ZOMG!)

I can’t believe I have a daughter old enough to not only attend prom, but old enough to look like this:

junior prom
Kind-of blows my mind, y’know? In the blink of an eye or a snap of your finger, WHAM, it happens and they grow and instead of Barbies, it’s make up. Or boys. Or prom.

Hard to believe we’re going to be sending her off to college in a little over a year.

The childhood firsts never stop happening, even when they reach teenage-hood. She starts work at her first job this week (tomorrow, to be exact). We’ll be enrolling her in driver’s ed to get her license, and shopping for her first car.

(Let’s not forget to mention that, being our first and oldest, it’s OUR first time, too, doing this as parents.)

junior prom
It all feels like it’s happening too fast.