Baby Indiana Jones and The Adventures in Tummy Time

This is my happy, playful baby. (Except when she’s teething. Oy!) She’s eager to foray into the wilderness of our living room floor to investigate and have some baby-type fun. While she loves being held, she enjoys the freedom to “do her thang” all alone, too. Consider her the baby girl version of Indiana Jones, where our floor is all the world. She wants to see it ALL, discover it ALL, conquer it ALL, chew and drool on it ALL! (Without the awesome hat, though.)

Tiny Princess Gymini Move ‘n Play Playmat

This is my peanut doin’ her thaaang.

Tummy time is not only a need, but a necessity. It helps babies strengthen their neck and back muscles, preparing them for eventually scooting, crawling, and more. The problem, though, when putting them down on the floor is keeping them safe, happy, and giving them things to do and explore when they’re down there. Baby Indiana Jones doesn’t have the skills to protect herself from the wild, wild floor, so it has to be soft and easy on the noggin and knees, too.

Tiny Princess Gymini Move ‘n Play Playmat

“What the… how’d I get over here? What do I do now?” Baby V’s first time rolling over.

She didn’t like the floor at first, so we took our time getting her acclimated to it. I sat or laid next to her, caressing her as she checked out the toys and batted her hands at them. When I would lay next to her, staring up at these dangling colorful shapes and play-things, I realized how far these innovations have come for babies.

They didn’t have cool crinkly, dangly, chewable stuff like this when we were little. Gone are the days of laying out a blanket with a few baby baubles upon it. Now-a-days, you find fancy schmancy things for babies; they’re portable, washable, colorful, with built-on toys that are fun, exciting, and entertaining. Like our Tiny Princess™ Gymini® Move ‘n Play Playmat. Hello, pink and cute and playful and awesome!

Tiny Princess Gymini Move ‘n Play PlaymatThis mat is wonderfully different than others, because it adjusts and customizes based upon what you need. If you have a smaller baby who loves tummy time but can’t reach, you can slide the arch connector super-low with the simple click of a button to bring it down to baby’s reach. I like this feature when coupling this playmat with the Bumbo seat, angling the toys from out of her face but within arm’s reach so she can play while in a seated position (as shown above).

The flaps along the outside snap up and down, so you can make it larger if you’d like, plus the toy connectors also slide up and down the arms. Or, you can do away with the arms completely, using just the playmat on the floor, no arches overhead. Being able to remove the arches makes it really easy to clean, too, since it’s machine washable. (Uh, we’ve had a few spit-up and poopie incidents that needed to be dealt with. Ahem.)

And if you have a girl and are going crazy pink with everything like I am, check out all of Tiny Love®‘s Tiny Princess collection. Such adorable stuff and more pink fun for your tiny Baby Indiana Jones! (cue theme song music)

What baby gear do you find you can’t live without? What gear do you think your parents probably wish they had when you were little?

Tiny Love® sent me this Playmat for review but my experience and Baby Indiana Jones are all my own 🙂