Operation Awesome School Lunch, Day 7

Woo! We’ve been at this a full seven days! One week of awesome school lunches, wahoo!

Day 6 went over mostly well. The kids loved partaking in chicken bacon ranch quesadillas for lunch, but my kindergartner barely ate her lunch, spending too much time using the restroom and not enough time eating, even if I was there to eat with her. She’s still struggling to get the schedule thing down this second week. Sigh.

Last night, we prepared a huge batch of meatballs for lunches today, while enjoying them at dinner, too. That’s my trick as of late – incorporating what we make for dinner into lunches for the kids somehow, or fine-tuning what we make for dinner into something they can eat for lunch, y’know?

My oldest, who vowed to me she “hates” beef ravioli decided to take meatball subs to school (meatballs with tomato sauce on a hot dog bun, not pictured) while the other older kids were all like, “HELL YEAH, BRING ON THE BEEF RAVIOLIS!”

Game on, kids.

beef ravioli and meatball lunch

My third grader didn’t want to take part in the meatballpalooza, he wanted pizzadillas. And, because I already had tomato sauce open and at-the-ready from the raviolis, I happily obliged.

pizzadilla bento school lunch

The kindergartner hardly ate the meatballs for dinner, so we knew meatballs for lunch wasn’t gonna work. We prepared chicken nuggets for her instead.

chicken nugget bento

As promised, here’s Baby Dude’s cute lunch from yesterday.

toddler pre-k nutella yogurt bento

Their lunches look friggin’ sexy, don’t they? I hope they love them today. And I hope today runs way more smoothly than it already has this morning, today has been ROUGH.

How’s your day so far? I hope its been better than mine.

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