Why Can’t Moms Take a Sick Day?

Do you know how hard it is to sob quietly with a sleeping infant on your chest?

I tried so hard not to get sick alongside the kids, but each and every single day I go to school and see children hacking and coughing all over themselves, I just grow angrier and angrier. This ear and sinus infection thing the kids brought home from those hacking school children that made its rounds (mostly) around the household has now made way to me. We still haven’t even finished the antibiotics from the kids, yet. I can’t be anymore disappointed or angrier than I am. I feel like I fought this thing and lost.

I tried giving myself a day of rest on Saturday, after feeling it begin to really take shape on Thursday into Friday. A gave myself that day to pretty much sit on my ass with my feet up, pumping in the liquids and vitamin C like it was my job. It was beautiful outside, I let the kids run around and get fresh air while I stayed inside with Baby V to rest. I needed to rest, even if I didn’t like it. (Mom? Rest? Huh?) But maybe if I gave it a day, maybe if I only acknowledged it for a brief period of time, I could will it away. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I don’t have time to be sick, after all.

Only it’s gotten worse.

My right cheek feels like someone punched me, and when I went to squirt saline up my nostrils in hopes it’ll help the congestion in the back of my throat/chest (because, y’know, that’s the “new” thing health professionals tout as the cure-all for mucus), I found that, even though I have no congestion or mucus in my nose at all, I could barely get the saline into my right nostril today. I couldn’t inhale it fast or hard at all, as I am obviously stopped up. Completely. Totally. Screwed.

I haven’t paid a lick of attention to my sinuses at all, it’s been the stuff in my chest I’ve been so concerned about. It’s been sitting on top of my chest like a weight – for days I couldn’t cough, but it still sat there, dormant. Now that the coughing has began, it’s relentless in it’s pursuit of no peace.

Couple that with a sick baby who is already clingy, teething, and is practically attached to me by the boob, and you have one flailing, ailing mother who is currently sobbing with a (finally) sleeping baby on her chest.