10 Sticky Situations Where Baby Washcloths Can Save Your Life

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10 Sticky Situations Where Baby Washcloths Can Save Your LifeKids are dirty little monkeys. And that’s okay! Kids are allowed to experiment with their surroundings (and food, ahem), it’s how they get to know the world around them. But life with kids can get really messy. (And sticky. And somewhat gag-inducing at times.) But when your kids hand you a fist full of mud that scares you into thinking it’s something else, you can whip out the baby washcloths, and breathe a sigh of relief.

bathtime kickRight now, I’m majorly in love with the brand spankin’ new JOHNSON’S® Baby Washcloths. (So new, in fact, they’re not even on their website yet!) They are pre-filled with baby bath soap and ready to use, just add water and wipe those icky messes away to find your gleaming kids faces and hands once more. We’ve been in quite a few sticky situations lately (ahem), and I have found myself needing these washcloths more and more. They’re softer and much thicker than a baby wipe, so they’re really good at cleaning up tough messes, like the ones I mention below.

Tell me in the comments, what are YOUR top sticky situations where these baby washcloths might save YOU? Here’s mine, in no particularly order:

10. Food-related craziness.

We all know food is the number one reason why kids are messy. I mean, they have to eat, and they’re not the best at hitting their mouths.

smores chocolatey face peanut buttery face
sour cream hands mashed potato feet

peanut butter face hilarity

9. Park playdate filth.

Ah, yes. The park. Kids have such fun playing at the park, but with all the dirt, mud, mulch, and germs, these washcloths sure do come in handy, especially if you plan to picnic at the park with the kids. They’ll need clean hands to eat, y’know?

discovering mulch messy at the park

8. Face paint.

Face paint is a lot of fun, but a particularly tricky thing to deal with, especially in the summertime. Baby wipes are never strong enough for this, and if you’re out at a barbecue or get-together, and the sweat or wayward arm starts smearing your child’s face paint, you’ll want one of these to help clean up the mess.

kids face paint

7. Black feet from playdates at the local kid gym.

Oh, friends. He had such a blast playing at this indoor playplace/gym, but his feet were positively black from all the running and scootering he did. Normally, I would have had to scrub for my life to get his feet clean using a TON of baby wipes. Instead, I wet one of these washcloths, and we were clean in a manner of seconds. This was particularly important because we were out and about and not going home anytime soon.

dirty feet

6. Animal Interactions

Kids and animals, am I right? Kids can never resist petting or feeding animals, but at least we’ve got these now in our kid-cleaning arsenal to help thwart germs after their done playing with their new friends.

Aquatica Stingray Interaction touching animals

5. Garden-related dirt.

No matter how hard I try to keep her out of the garden when I’m working, she’s right there with me, digging at the dirt or mulch as I’m planting or weeding. The hose can only get so much off of her, I am grateful for these making quick work of cleaning her up.


4. Super-sticky lollipops.

Haha, yeah, we’ve all been here, haven’t we? We’re parents – we stock up on lollipops to keep with us to reward them when they behave, but that doesn’t suddenly make this the cleanest of rewards, especially if you’re not going home right away.

first lollipop

3. Sidewalk chalk-covered moms (it’s not just for kids, y’know)

Sure, I was only on my driveway, I could’ve stepped into the shower to fully clean myself after this Chalktastrophy™. But I also didn’t want to stain any of my cotton washcloths with some of these “washable” chalk colors (and yes, they DO stain, particularly the dark blue). These disposable washcloths are perfect for a situation just like this, for clean-ups that would normally stain cloth.

sidewalk chalk with kids

2. Whipped cream plastered strollers (it’s not just for people, either.)

This may not have necessarily happened to you like it did to us (ahem), but it sure did come in handy to have something strong in order to get the stroller (and baby) back into tip-top shape.

whipped cream messes

1. Sand

Yes, just yes. I’m very thankful for those stand-up showers made available to wash off, but you can never really get it all out… until now. Consider this your way to shower a little easier when trying to get all that ding-dang sand off of you (and your kids) after a day at the beach.

baby dude at aquatica

Win it!

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Now, for those of you who find might yourself in need of a set of these washcloths right away, you can find JOHNSON’S® Baby Washcloths at grocery stores and drug stores nationwide, or online at Amazon or drugstore.com.
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