Charles Barkley & TNT Could Learn a Thing or Two from Dove #BeautyIs #ProudSAWoman

Charles Barkley – what kind of man are you? What kind of husband are you? What kind of father are you? Do you think your daughter, Christiana, appreciated the remarks you gave to thousands of women the other day calling all of San Antonio’s women “fat” and the city of San Antonio a “gold mine […]

Why I Advocate for Valentine’s, Holiday, and Birthday Parties at School

I know a lot of you are cursing the decorated shoeboxes on your tables right now. Your kids might be out cold, napping their Valentine’s parties off. Or, maybe, they’re outside running laps around the dog, spazzing from all the sugar and artificial dyes, tunneling their way through the snow to China, who knows. I […]

Hulk Mom Breaks Again – Thank Goodness for Grills

Soooooo, remember how I just said I grill everything? I couldn’t wait to share more fun, grilling posts with you, to include grilling our dinner earlier this week which consisted of grilled chicken patties, chicken nuggets, breaded cod, and fries. SO YUM! The grill really adds a crisp smoky-ness to it, and it’s too delicious, […]

Parent Math

1 mom 2 vacuumed rooms 3 windows and doors opened because of the vacuum sucking up something that smelled like it was burning 3 meals cooked 3 cups of coffee consumed 2 trips back and forth to pick up and drop off teenager to work 4.5 loads of laundry washed and folded 5 school lunches […]

Today Can Suck It

Have you ever had a day that began with burning the roof of your mouth accidentally on a warmed cinnamon roll, skinning the roof of your mouth, making fresh coffee and anything else hot too painful to consume? While you’re licking your wounds and cursing all things heated, you stumble around in your non-caffeinated state […]

Mourning a Monday Gone Wrong

Oh, holy hell. Monday was a hot mess. More than a Monday usually is. My 5+ year account was hacked, which lead to a barrage of phone calls to everyoneandtheirmother to change passwords, cancel accounts and cards and “block” and “identity theft paperwork” and a whole slew of sh!t I never want to deal with […]

Grief-Stricken, Helping Newtown, and Saying Thank You

Today’s alarm was a cruel one. Monday mornings are always particularly tougher than any other day of the week, specifically because it comes on the heels of two straight days of a little freedom and some extra shut-eye. The routine is back in session, work will commence, kids will go back to class and have […]

Why Can’t Moms Take a Sick Day?

Do you know how hard it is to sob quietly with a sleeping infant on your chest? I tried so hard not to get sick alongside the kids, but each and every single day I go to school and see children hacking and coughing all over themselves, I just grow angrier and angrier. This ear […]

Doctor’s Appointment of Doom™

I think you can safely assume that, after what we went through, I do my best to stay away from the doctor. We already feed them well, give them daily vitamins, but they’re kids and inevitably they’ll get sick. But I think you can surely understand why I secretly wimper and shake uncontrollably when walking […]

Words I Never Thought I’d Say as a Parent

It’s 1:17am, and nothing says, “Happy Early Birthday, Mom!” like boys whizzing in the middle of the night in strange places. You know, there’s a lot of tough jobs we’d rather not do, but have to do as parents. Clean up puke? Check. Have the sex talk? Check. Wipe up boy’s pee from behind the […]