Mount Washmore and The Battle with Chocolate Donuts

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Lauuuuuundry. Blerg.

You know my battle with Mount Washmore in the past. You know laundry is not my favorite.

So long as it’s in a laundry basket SOMEWHERE in my house, I’m okay. It’s when it’s on the floor, because some lazy schlep, er, darling child of mine decided not to take the extra step and put it into the basket is when I

laundry game
Target acquired.

I like playing laundry games with the kids.
I don’t mind putting it into the washer.
I don’t even mind taking it from the washer and putting it into the dryer.
From there, though, is the @#*$(&@#$@ battle.
The folding.
The folding of the all the freakin’ laundry and the endless piles. Don’t even talk to me about the socks, man.

sock hell

And stains?! STAINS!?!?! It’s like added, cruel torture for a mom (of many) like me. I already have eleventy-billion loads to do as it is, I do NOT want to have to wash, rewash, rewash, rewash, let alone scrub, soak, or do ANYTHING additional for these friggin’ frackin’ clothes. I briefly considered the kids wearing plastic garbage bags over their soccer practice clothes, except the coaches said it was a “health violation” or something-er-other.

Psst! Whatever, man. You do not do my laundry, you do not know the h-e-double-hockeysticks I go through.

And then this mom right here (points to self) decided to get all “fun” this summer, and serve the kids chocolate donuts for breakfast almost all summer long. Yeah. Fun, right? My kids think I’m a damn hero. BEST SUMMER EVER!

But the clean up… not so much. I think my kids are allergic to using a napkin. They finish breakfast resembling the Joker with sticky, chocolatey evil fingers. We finally broke down and started stripping the baby before she could even TOUCH a doughnut. (And then we give her a full bath or a good hosing down with a washcloth.)

Thankfully, I have a new weapon in my laundry-doing arsenal, complete with a cool, new website for laundry stain tips. Check it:

Mom, 1. Chocolate donut stains, 0.

Suck it, Mount Washmore. I gotchyu.

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