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Teenagers and Cars

“Mom, can I sit in the driver’s seat?” my oldest says to me. After some consideration, torturing her during my silence, we switch seats. She eagerly gets behind the wheel, car running in the parking lot (we were waiting for my husband to return from picking up medication). “Can I press this button?” motioning for […]

Surprise Baby

Peek-A-Boo through my desk chair, who’s that? Uh oh! He’s got me! In so many more ways than one, he was a surprise, and boy oh boy does he ever “got me.” Never miss a post! Subscribe here for all kinds of crazy parenting fun!

Paint Today With Love

I suppose it doesn’t take much for a mom, huh? We get all ooey gooey when our child mutters a syllable, or draws us a scribble with a half-broken crayon. We treat these gifts like gold, framing them on our fridge, pressing them into books, snapping away our cameras at their teeny faces, beaming with […]

Summer Family Fun

Every year we go out and buy some flimsy inflatable pool for our backyard. Every. Friggin. Year. Usually, we get the same pool and something inevitably happens to it. Every. Friggin. Year. (Never said we were smart.) So here we are again, getting hot, we need a pool. There we were, in the pool aisle, […]

Cooking With Kids

Cooking with children can be a scary concept, isn’t it? Don’t touch that! Hot! Stay back! Put that away, we’re eating soon! No, you can’t eat peanut butter with your finger! *ahem* The kitchen is an attracting place for kids, chock-filled with loads of things they shouldn’t play with, and appliances that can seriously hurt […]

To Do Tuesday Week 16

If this is your first time reading and you’re wondering what To-Do Tuesday is all about, click to check out the first post to find out more. So how was your Memorial Day??? Ours was good, we bought pools for the kiddies and reorganized the play room. Not exactly grilling and all that, but there […]

Can You Help?

Meet Ezra.Ezra just had his second birthday. For his birthday, instead of partying like normal two-year-old’s get to, with cake, ice cream and games, he was bitten by a spider, taken to the doctor for tests for fear it was venomous, and ended up diagnosed with leukemia. To say his mother is besides herself is […]

Sometimes You Need Bubbles

Pouting through the glass door, I approached cautiously when sliding it open. Immediately she pointed at me, “I c-yose (close) da door on my boo-boo!” she blurted out with her baby girl voice. Doing my doctor-esque thorough check on her finger and finding no boo-boo to speak of, I suggested we wash her hands. She […]

Fun With Kids – Flying Children

Want an expensive way to entertain yourself and your children, that makes for some good blog fodder? Whip out your camera, and tell your kids to run or jump around and attempt to fly while you take a picture. Put the straight jacket away, I’m totally serious here! Jeez! I had entirely too much fun […]

A Hospital Kind of Birthday

That’s where I got to spend my son’s 5th birthday. Alone. Birthday boy-less. In the hospital. I had just finished sewing my son’s birthday present and this sharp pain happened in my side, and just after it happened, I felt a wave of fuzziness, like I was about to pass out yet my heart started […]