Adorable Yarn-Tied DIY Embellished Flip Flops for Back To School #summerofjoann

This post is sponsored by Our mission this summer was to make summer fantastic and AWESOME! Most of it was spent outside, getting wet, and having fun playing games and riding bikes, but there were crafts and fun indoor activities, too! I had the spectacular idea to create some fun and crafty flip-flops for […]

Fun With Watercolor Pencils!

This post contains Amazon links. A couple weeks ago, my husband brought me home some Crayola watercolor pencils. I’ve been dying for some to create unique works of art with the kids to frame, and I knew these would be a fun experiment to attempt with the kids. Have you ever had one of those […]

DIY Birthday Crowns

This craft post is sponsored by Lance Snacks and DECA. We just celebrated my son’s ninth birthday last week. We invited his school-friend over to hang out and celebrate with us, but what he didn’t realize was that his friend was secretly bringing his bike over to ride because my son was getting a new […]

DIY School Paper Holder and Glittery Clipboard

Paper clutter is taking over my life! It’s mind-blowing just how much paper the kids bring home to me daily, on top of the junk mail and all the other crazy stuff kicking around. I knew I needed a solution, particularly for the mounds of school-related paperwork that get placed onto surfaces and then scattered […]

Hair Bow Holder Tutorial – Recycled Craft

While Christmas shopping at Target, I saw this gorgeous sparkly pink ribbon that I couldn’t resist purchasing. I popped it into my cart, and happily brought it home to make SOMETHING out if it that I loved. When I began wrapping presents, removing hangers from clothes, is when it hit me – what if I […]

2013 Family Bucket List & To Dos.

I don’t normally do New Year’s Resolutions – I aim to implement and achieve goals instead of planning unrealistic resolutions to “change” something about me that I don’t like. This year, however, I’m going to switch things up a little and do something different, and I’m reeeeeally excited about this — I’ve created our Family “Bucket List” […]

Printable Holiday Savings Bank for Kids

Are your children excited about the upcoming holiday and looking to earn a little extra money to buy something for you or for someone they love? I think the holidays are a great time to teach children about saving money for things to buy, whether for themselves or for others. There’s a lot of spending […]

Sponge Bomb Tutorial

In searching for summer fun awesomeness on Pinterest, I came across this adorable post idea for “Sponge Bombs.” (Not Sponge Bob, which I inadvertently say EVERY. FREAKING. TIME.) Sponge Bombs are essentially cut-up colorful kitchen sponges, zip-tied together* in the middle, and moistened to become wet sponge “balls” to throw and play tag with. Sounds spectacularly awesome, […]

Flashback Friday – Fourth of July Ideas

Yay! It’s Fridayyyyyyy, baby! To help make your Fourth of July plans that much sparklier, check out the Independence Day posts I’ve curated for you! I love these Fourth of July ideas, I hope you will, too! — Rachel Lacy, food writer over at, has created some lovely Rice Krispies Treats Sparklers. What are […]

Family Summer Daily To Do List

I’m going to do my best, each day, to ensure everything gets done properly, ensuring everyone’s needs are met (including mine), and that we have a great time. It isn’t easy to remember everything with eleventy-billion kids running around here, though. To help me stay sane, I’ve created a Daily Summer Family To Do List. […]