Updated Liquid Xanax Recipe with Young Living Oils

Liquid Xanax Recipe

While on a brand trip a couple weeks ago, my friend Christine was gushing about a Liquid Xanax recipe she uses regularly to help keep her calm and relieve her anxiety. I use essential oils for that myself, having my own concoction of oils and other products to help keep me calm, but I wanted to [...]

Taking Care of Me.. Differently


Maybe it’s the Olympics. Maybe it’s watching Meryl Davis skate her little @$$ off, winning the gold medal with Charlie. While watching the recaps at night on NBC, I walk or jog in place and lift weights, I want Meryl’s arms, dammit. Badly. I wake up every morning to an essential oil cocktail of Joy, [...]

Laundry Detergent with Essential Oils

all natural laundry with Young Living essential oils

Let me introduce you to my laundry tackling arsenal, especially after the Pukepocalyse™ of 2014 this past weekend: Two all-important bottles of essential oils, and my mongo, extra huge size of Allen’s Naturally detergent. Boom, baby! I have a hearty love of both Purification and Thieves oils, but the combo of the two in my [...]