Homeowners and Gardeners, Can You Help? What IS This?

I have never seen anything like this. Our neighbors had been watering their yard and taking care of it (seemingly) until one day I saw this: I swore I thought they just sprayed something wrong on it, or something. This is the side of their house, along the driveway. The hose is ours. Each day […]

Hilly Walks, Gardening, and Nudey Baby. Film at 11.

It was Mom Monday yesterday, and I took the day off and enjoyed myself. After a 2.5 mile run with the family on Sunday, where my husband showed me a new place to go in our neighborhood, I ventured out yesterday for a 2.5 hour walk with the babies up those many hills, enjoying the […]

Invisible Stuff

Do you have any stuff that goes missing around your house? Stuff that you absolutely.need.right.then. but it can’t be found anywhere? Even with your part-mom, part-cat-like eyes, with their abilities to spot something from another room, the item/s still can’t be found? Y’know, until sometime later, when, all of a sudden, the item miraculously appears […]

Fall Decorating, YES!

October is here, and the weather has began to cool off (THANK GOD!), and to get into the spirit, I’ve rolled up my sleeves, stocked up on allergy meds, and broken into the moving boxes for all my fall goodies. *Achoo!* There are some decorative pieces that are missing, though. Lost in the sea of […]

Pictures of the New House, Part 1

It’s still a work in progress – we waited until the sod took root, and the plants started to smile a bit more, before we took an outdoor shot. Still so much to be done, though, but it makes me smile to see all we’ve done in almost a month so far. Here it is, […]

My Garden Loves Me. No Really. Look.

See? This is what my children and I saw outside today. How sweet is that? For more Wednesday fun, visit Wordless Wednesday, 5MFM, MomSpective, MomDot, Seven Clown Circus and We Are THAT Family. Never miss a thing! Subscribe today for all kinds of crazy parenting fun!

A Simple Remodel for a Home to Love

The beginning of my remodel for my desk area – see below for the finished product! It wasn’t until I began losing weight and taking that small amount of time to do something so good for myself that I truly realized how little I seemingly cared for myself back before when I was heavier. Sure, […]

Life (of it’s own) in the Garden

It isn’t the prettiest of gardens in the world, but the blood, sweat and dirt we’ve put into it sure is taking a life of it’s own. For instance, my oldest paired with a softball to cause our beloved crackle-glass birdseed feeder to break, spilling forth birdseed all over the front flower bed. After a […]

To Do Tuesday Week 59

If this is your first time reading and you’re wondering what To-Do Tuesday is all about, click to check out the first post to find out more. Yes, we are all back to being healthy {knocks on wood} and Spring Cleaning and Reorganization 2010 is on like Donkey Kong, yo. I feel totally rejuvenated getting […]

Gardening with Children

While mom is off watering plants, you’ve discovered something interesting, haven’t you baby dude? Dirt. And it’s small, like your pudgy baby hand – small enough to sample… Hmm.. maybe a little tasty.. My future gardener. Never miss a thing! Subscribe today for all kinds of crazy parenting fun!