Kids Sleep Anywhere – The Stairs Edition

Remember this picture of Baby Dude? And this picture of Super M? Well, their sister has decided to have a crack at this whole “sleeping on the stairs” thing, too. What is it with the stairs, man? -> My kids have a knack for this sleeping anywhere business. Check out my kids sleep anywhere series!

Kids Sleep Anywhere: The Baby Indoctrination

There can be no doubt that she is our child. It’s official, after showing signs of being interested in joining our ninja-powered sleep academy, she’s fully indoctrinated now. Picture proof: In this first picture, she gave up on staying awake to enjoy the sights during our bike ride, she just curled up and racked out. […]

Family Bike Ride Fun

We slept late for our day off on Veteran’s Day. The sun awoke us through the window, trickling in through the blinds and curtains, and we felt the warmth from it almost immediately. After a few somewhat chilly days in Texas, we welcomed milder weather with open arms, and were pleasantly surprised and elated the […]

Kids Sleep Anywhere: The Field Day Edition

My seven-year-old, Super M, had his school’s “field day” yesterday. Thankfully, with all the military moves we’ve endured, and the school changes and differences in school curriculums, no matter where we’ve moved to, every school our kids have attended have held a “field” or “fun” day in which the kids get a day to be […]

Kids Sleep Anywhere, The “Baby Dude is Everywhere” Edition

After a long, hard day of playing outside, with all that fresh air he enjoyed, he fell out early one night. Disrupting his beauty sleep enough simply changing his diaper, we lovingly put him to bed, (our king-sized bed, mind you), and he TOOK OVER. He’s the littlest one (until the new baby is born) […]

Kids Sleep Anywhere, The Camera Phone Edition

Unbelievably enough, I’ve gotten all these shots with my camera phone in the last few weeks. My kids have been hard at work falling asleep anywhere, lemme tell ya! The first two are of my Baby Dude after a long day of soccer. The poor dude came home and fell asleep standing up! He somehow […]

Kids Sleep Anywhere – The “He Didn’t Even Make It Up The Stairs” Edition

You know you’re tired when….. …you can’t climb the stairs to the playroom. (My kids have a knack for this sleeping anywhere business. Check out my kids sleep anywhere series!) Do your children do this, too? Have you shared photos of your children sleeping crazy-like? I’d love to see them! Never miss a thing! Subscribe […]

Soccer Knocks ‘Em Out

Soccer’s a tiring sport, man. After the game nap. Couldn’t resist sharing this! Watching his siblings play, man, you can’t get anymore exhausted as a little guy. Can you believe how red his hair looks? Too bad I couldn’t join them. Nap times with kidlets are the bestest. Never miss a thing! Subscribe today for […]

Kids Sleep Anywhere, Part 2

My super-squirrel-y ninja–sleep skills are busy at work again, young Padawans. This time, after a trip to the ever-addictive Starbucks did my young sleepmeisters fall out, hard. First, my Baby Dude, who was originally laid upon the pillow on the couch. After a couple stretches, he ended up like this:   (I think my laundry […]

My Kids Sleep Weird. Period.

I swear, I don’t know how my children sleep in these strange ways. Especially my toddler, who is a force to be reckoned with in the sleep department. Rivaling my kindergartner, even. This time, she fell asleep on my office chair. Don’t ask how. I’ve stopped asking my children “how,” because it will lead no […]