Nesting and Happy Baby Mail

This weekend has been a flurry of wonderful weather, an excellent burst of energy, and lots and lots of nesting. It has felt marvelous to be on my feet all day (words you never thought you’d hear from a fully pregnant, ready-to-go-at-any-time, right?), and getting everything “ready” for this baby’s arrival. Slowly but surely I […]

How to Make an Easy Tutu

A tutu is an easy enough craft to make right alongside your children, just like I did. My teenager was completely involved with making hers, and loved it. The materials are inexpensive to buy, too. Consider this a fun, rainy day craft, or begin preparing now, as Christmas is coming! Before you jump on in, […]

How to Make a Super Hero Costume

I will readily admit to you that, while I did make this Super Hero Costume myself, I had a little help. I didn’t make the entire thing from scratch, I went easy on myself and bought this compression shirt (or something like it if your child is smaller) for the shirt. I also used a […]

A Costume Kind of Day

As promised, my costumed family for Halloween. I will share the tutorials in separate upcoming posts, as promised. (Homemade costumes make good Christmas presents for the dress up trunk, yes?) {grin} Introducing Super A, dun-duh-dun! A new super hero on the scene, ready to score a lot of goals, ace all of his tests, argue […]

Super Hero Halloween Costume

Directions are here on how to make this super hero costume. Yup, that’s what I’m doing. The machine is out (and probably out for the season, too, because Christmas is coming). The fabric has been purchased. The costume has been planned, it’s just pinning and sewing, now. The cape is finished. Tomorrow we will move […]

A Hospital Kind of Birthday

That’s where I got to spend my son’s 5th birthday. Alone. Birthday boy-less. In the hospital. I had just finished sewing my son’s birthday present and this sharp pain happened in my side, and just after it happened, I felt a wave of fuzziness, like I was about to pass out yet my heart started […]


As if I needed to add more to my already super-long to-do list..Momma’s been bit by the sewing bug, again. You can’t take me anywhere, I swear. Happily looking for red fabric for my son’s boy scout vest, and what do I find? Oh yes, Mecca. My two-year-old didn’t help, either. She saw the character […]