Allergen Relief with Young Living Oils

Allergen Relief with Young Living Oils

Moving was SUCH a task. I knew the movers were coming to pack us up and I wanted to be fully prepared in advance. This forced us to open up every box, container, drawer, closet and more in the house to evaluate, organize, and purge our stuff. For my son and me, who suffer from [...]

Updated Liquid Calm Recipe with Young Living Oils

Liquid Calm Recipe

While on a brand trip a couple weeks ago, my friend Christine was gushing about an oil combination she uses regularly to help keep her calm and relieve her anxiety. I use essential oils for that myself, having my own concoction of oils and other products to help keep me calm, but I wanted to thoroughly [...]

Respiratory Help with Young Living Oils

respiratory help with young living

When I picked him up from school, he mumbled, “Mom, I’m not feeling so well.” He went on to explain how his stomach hurt somewhat, how he was coughing and having trouble breathing (but never went to the nurse, grr!). I already knew this was a bad asthma season for him already, and pointed out [...]

Laundry Detergent with Essential Oils

all natural laundry with Young Living essential oils

Let me introduce you to my laundry tackling arsenal, especially after the Pukepocalyse™ of 2014 this past weekend:Two all-important bottles of essential oils, and my mongo, extra huge size of Allen’s Naturally detergent. Boom, baby! I have a hearty love of both Purification and Thieves oils, but the combo of the two in my laundry? [...]

Six Pounds Lost on Diet Changes Alone. OMG!

Jan 2014 Front

Before I mention the changes I’ve been up to, I’d like to discuss more about where I’ve been and how I got here in the first place. As you know, I’ve been battling much of 2013 with my weight and plateauing. In the beginning-to-middle of October, I was about 10-15lbs from “goal” weight. I had [...]

Unicorns and Rainbows


I have many weapons in my stress-killing arsenal that have been put to the test these past couple weeks with my husband away. Yesterday, however, I took them all at once. It was that kind of day, friends. And do you know what happened? Unicorns and rainbows happened. Like, eleventy-billion of ‘em. It was frickin’ [...]

A Week in My Life, Day 2 – Monday


(Ever wonder what I do all day, and how I manage all six of my kids? Heh, me too, sometimes A Week in My Life is an experimental series I’m working on this week based loosely on the popular “A Day in the Life” photo diaries in which I plan to chronicle what I’m doing [...]