Belly Pics

22 Week Baby Belly

I feel “pointier” than last time, wouldn’t you agree? Kind-of like an arrow, pointing my way this way, or that way. Haha. “Where are you …

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17 Weeks Baby Belly

I wore a tighter shirt for this pic, to really accentuate the baby belly action going on down there, especially since my last picture was …

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Belly – 16 Weeks

It’s kind-of hilarious that I have to keep googling “Pregnancy Calculator” to remind myself how far along I am. I kept up with it for …

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Preggo Belly – Low Rider!

Not only have the birth dreams begun, signifying it’s almost that time, along with the belly swelling more, that feeling of carrying a softball between …

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Baby Belly, Ahoy!

35+ weeks belly taken at a Children’s Museum over the weekend Taken today, 36 weeks