Getting Older

Toy Story Birthday Party

This was Baby Dude’s first big-deal birthday party, where he was old enough to realize everything happening. He’d been talking about it being his ‘birt-day” …

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Baby Dude is THREE!

Hi. I’m Baby Dude.Today, I’m fwee (three).I wike Tars (Cars) and Buzz Wite Year. And Woody. And “Po Sawrai” (Power Rangers Samurai).I wike to eat …

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Worst Tooth Fairy EVER

You know we continue to suck at The Tooth Fairy when.. 1. Your child loses a tooth and you don’t even know it.2. Daughter tells …

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homemade christmas tree

Our Homemade Christmas Tree

Over the years, we’ve accumulated many of our children’s crafts, as well as made it a family tradition to get each family member a commemorative …

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A Poopie Kind-of Day

I woke up to it looking like this, today. Yuck. It didn’t get any better out the back door, either (much to my dismay). (I’m …

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Quiet Improvements

It’s the ever-popular storyline – mom has plans, baby has alternate plans. Baby wins. And it used to really get to me. I woke up …

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