I'm a Dork

Mom Mondays

I fixed lunches and prepped new lunchboxes and felt the tiredness weigh me down like a brick dress. I could have probably fallen asleep on …

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three pounds lost


(We interrupt this program to bring you a special announcement.) THREE-POINT-ONE MOTHER EFFING POUNDS, YO! WOOHOOO!! Okay, let me catch my breath. Y’see, I was …

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When My Smart Mouth Backfires

My daughter has been obsessssssssssed with money lately. She tries to steal the Monopoly and Life money DAILY, and the older kids have vowed/sworn on …

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dessert for dinner table

Dessert for Dinner

Once upon a time, a mom wanted to do something special for her kids, to make up for their missed vacation. She opened up her …

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how to make sponge bombs water fun for kids

Sponge Bomb Tutorial

In searching for summer fun awesomeness on Pinterest, I came across this adorable post idea for “Sponge Bombs.” (Not Sponge Bob, which I inadvertently say EVERY. FREAKING. …

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pregnancy haircut

A Pregnancy Haircut Before Birth? Gulp.

Today I had an all-important doctor’s appointment to get my 39-week Are-you-ready-to-give-birth-yet? check (that crazy update will occur with tomorrow’s post complete with belly pics). As …

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First Post. New Blog. Hold Me.

I, Lisa Douglas, did the unimaginable (for me) – I traded in my happy-go-lucky Blogger blog for a shiny new WordPress one, professionally designed (with …

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