Busy Mom Fitness – Kill Two Birds With One Stone – Day 2

Whether you may know it or not, you’re working out without even knowing it. Did you do the dishes today? Walk up and down the stairs? Pick up your child? Do the laundry? Vacuum? Sweep? All of those burn calories and can be equated to exercise, just not traditional exercise.

In doing everyday housework, you’re effectively killing two birds with one stone if you use that housework time to really focus on your activity and make the most of it.

Don’t just shuffle clothes from the washer to the dryer – do squats, bending at the knees. Reach as far in as you can to get the clothes, standing on your toes, elongating your back, then picking up a small amount of wet clothes and squatting to a sit, then reach over to your dryer, slowly coming up, leaning to the side to place the items in. Do it again for each grab, and you’ll begin to feel the burn. Suddenly you’re working out AND getting housework done! Sweet!

How about putting on some music and dancing about while vacuuming and sweeping? You’ve seen it in movies, people using the broom as a microphone, singing while they clean. It doesn’t have to be just in the movies, plus how fun do you think it would be for your children to see you singing and dancing wildly while doing chores? (Perhaps they might not think it’s so horrible after all!? Killing three birds with one stone? Maybe?)

Or what about jogging in place while doing dishes, or walking in place if jogging is too jostling for you?

Or, how about a good old fashioned dancing good time with your kids by blaring some music and shaking your butt with them for a bit? It might not get the housework done, but it will help not only in you fitness goal but help wear them out for naptime, and it’s a lot of fun. Whether young or old, the kids love it when you include them, it’ll make them feel like they’re helping you, so let them help!

Find interesting ways to incorporate exercise into your daily chores and I guarantee you, not only will you become healthier, housework will become more fun, your kids are going to have a blast.

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