She wanted princesses and sprinkles. She was adamant about that. And so, with sparkly confetti, princess-colored pink and purple decorations and crepe paper, I went to work, using her many Princess toys to form her centerpieces.

Princess Birthday Party Decorationsseventh birthday party table close-up of Princess Party Centerpiece with Princess balloon Disney Animator Dolls as centerpieces

We kept her upstairs until the big “reveal” at dinner – her favorite – barbecue chicken.

seven year old party surprise

We had a bit of trouble with the natural food coloring for her cake (only finding that orange, yellow, and green were still “good” – a funny story saved for another post another time). Couple the food coloring snafu with the whipped cream droopy frosting, you have, yet again, another caketastrophe or #dessertfail. (Why does it always have to happen on her birthday?)

all natural birthday cake

It continually amazes me how they don’t see the troubled, droopy icing, or notice the spring-like colors. She sees decorative flowery icing and sprinkles, just like she wanted.

singing happy birthday blowing out the candles

Happy seventh birthday to my sweet baby peanut, Baby Sis.