On Learning, Listening, and Finally Taking Time for Me #beautyis #Mom2Summit

When I stepped out of the minivan and onto the sidewalk of the airport, I felt anxious and nervous. I was second-guessing my decision to go. I hadn’t been away from the baby for more than 24 hours before – what if she needed me? What if my husband couldn’t handle it through the night? […]

Happiness is ______ {Week Twenty-Four} #happinessis

2013 is going to be a fantastic year – a year where we collectively focus on the happy and the joy in our lives. What makes you happy? What is it that you do that you can’t get enough of? What makes your soul shine, your eyes beam, and your insides sparkle? Happiness is so […]

Fun Photos at #typeacon

This is what happens when Baby V’s sleeping head began to roll off my shoulder just as the picture of Cecily “eating” her head was snapped. HILARIOUS! Talking (and drooling) to friends at the AboutOne cocktail hour We got all kinds-of dressed up for the Ubisoft 80’s party. Baby V liked being dressed up at […]

I Looked Okay On The Outside

I smiled all of the time and meant it most of the time even though some of the times I didn’t want to smile, but actually cry Openly. In someone’s arms like I was a kid seeking refuge in my mother’s arms after being wronged except the only wrong inflicted was from myself my own […]

Post-Conference Wear and Tear

Of all four flights I took to Charlotte, NC and back, the last, brief flight from Dallas was the oddball one. The flight attendant who checked me in could not give me a bulkhead seat (the larger row directly behind first class), so we were cramped in a regular coach seat, both V and me. […]

Sunburnt But Soul-Filled – SeaWorld’s First #AdventureCon

SeaWorld San Antonio threw their first little-big shindig this weekend called “AdventureCon.” A weekend of learning for bloggers, like myself, along with under-the-sea family fun for our families, spanning both SeaWorld AND their new baby, Aquatica. We had plenty of time to work AND play (and get sunburnt, ahem). From the second I laid eyes […]

Advice from Brandi Chastain for My Soccer Playing Son on Getting Serious and Going Pro

Growing up in an active family myself, it didn’t surprise me seeing my children fascinated by sports, dribbling soccer balls almost as soon as they learned to walk, and begin playing soccer at age four. My oldest son, though, shows the most dedication and proficiency, wanting to become pro when he grows up. One of […]

Post #BlogHer11 in Which BlogHer is Like Chuck Norris and I Melt Away

I think instead of BlogHer they should call it “ChuckNorrisHer” because it kicks ass in so many ways, to include your own. I feel a thousand-years-old, and could nap a week and still not feel any better. Do you know what sucks about being in the land-that-doesn’t-ever-get-above-seventy-five-degrees for almost a week? Coming back to hundred-degree-plus […]

Mom 2.0 – Just What This Writer-Mom Needed

I have to unpack my mind as well as my suitcase, both are full from the past three days. Having clothed me this weekend, fuller by the day, chock-full of memorable trinkets, gluttonous moments made, and brimming with intention and new-found purpose after recharging my writer-battery. I am so filled with happy, I could probably piss […]

Mom 2.0 Summit and The Traveling Mom Conundrum – Keeping it Real

450 of you will see me this weekend at Mom 2.0 in New Orleans, and I’m gonna have on all kinds-of cute things from my wardrobe that NEVER get to see the light of day, except for occasions like this. I’m going to wear actual big-girl makeup, have the ability to leisurely slurp coffee without […]

Disney Social Media Moms Conference 2011 Recap – Day 3 #DisneySMMoms

Our day 3 started out by my decision to NOT run that morning (if you could call sleeping-in a “decision”). Ha! As much as I wanted to, all the walking and dancing and activity from the day before left me super-exhausted and, as a result, our entire family slept through breakfast, which was NOT good […]

Disney Social Media Moms Conference 2011 Recap – Day 2 #DisneySMMoms

The night before, I had found a fellow conference-goer who wanted to run at Disney World. Her name is Krista (@kristalswan on Twitter) and, after connecting on Twitter about meeting for a run before the conference, we met at the registration desk downstairs at O-dark-thirty (6:30am) Friday morning. The air felt a bit cool (being […]

Disney Social Media Moms Conference 2011 Recap – Day 1 #DisneySMMoms

Nothing says “We’re home!” like kids and husbands puking. (We’ve got skillz, friends.) Needless to say, all are on the mend, but damn, was that ever a not-so-happy end to the wonderful time we had this weekend. Won.der.ful. Oh my gosh! First things most importantly first – I want to thank Amy, Susan and Janice, […]

Death by Ass-Numbness – Road Trip Take 2 #DisneySMMoms

Currently, I’m in our minivan, where I’ve been for three plus hours now, exhausted from being up really late packing eleventy-billion kids’ things, ass already getting numb to an insane level (with several more hours of driving ahead of us, too), but we’re on our way to Disney World for the Disney Social Media Moms […]

The Rain

“Break Free from the Rain…” The nurse checking my children’s blood pressure kept singing that, repeatedly, in an operatic tone. I wasn’t sure what the song was, who sung it, or what other words there were, but I didn’t want her to stop. There was something so mesmerizing about it. Her words permeated the small […]

Old-School Me Circa 1980s-1990s (Cue the Blushing)

In just over a week I’ll be attending the Type-A Mom Conference in which I, Lisa Douglas, will be the deejay for the 80’s-90’s Flashback party Sunday night. I’m scouring the internet for the FUNNEST, most OUTRAGEOUS throwback costume I can find, complete with crimping iron and bangle bracelets. I go ALL out, people. Until […]

A Photo Recap of #Blogher10

How do you put into words memories like this? Do you see the huge grin on my daughter’s face? That’s the “I can’t wait to show all the kids at school,” “This family trip doesn’t suck,” “My mom is pretty cool for bringing me to this event” face. (Well, maybe not the last one.) Meeting […]

Adventures in Flying (By the Seat of Ones Pants)

I’m a rebel. Sometimes I realize I’ve forgot to buckle my seatbelt while flying. I know, I know, how could I? I have a fricking infant strapped on my lap, that’s how. He was good, mind you. But four flights in 24 hours? Whoa. Like, whoa whoa. I was afraid I wasn’t gonna workout while […]

Around the Blogosphere – Mona Visits the Army

I am so pleased to have had a REAL super-hero come stay with us – Moxie Mona from Moxie Media! She swooped in to see us during her busy travels of visiting 60-or-so bloggers throughout the United States during her Around the Blogosphere in 5 days tour! We were so happy to have her, we […]

Being A Sister

It’s the whispery giggles in her ear hushing secrets from your lips. It’s clown-like makeovers with mom’s make-up with punishments for dessert. It’s holding hands while looking both ways, and hair-pulling braids, with pin-curl pig tails and arguments over “her side” and “my side” of the room. It’s tear-stained faces while you watch them place […]