And THIS is why Mommy drinks at 6pm on a Friday (Open House)

Why are you having a glass of wine at 6pm, mom? BECAUSE OF OPEN HOUSE, THAT’S WHY. 3-5pm the paper said. That’s when I wanted to leave, EARLY. Get there early, get in, get out. At 3:15 I start corralling the troops, and my 9yo’s like “But I’m hungry, I want oatmeal.” Okay…. “Wait, where […]

Bedtime Battles Solution from Netflix #5MoreMinutes #StreamTeam

I’m a compensated member of the Netflix Stream Team. Do these kids think we’re amateurs or something? Their eyelids hurt? They’ll die of thirst without more water? It’s like a big deja-vu when your own kid starts rattling off the same bedtime excuses you used back in 19-something-or-another. What these little stall-masters don’t understand is […]

When Shopping With 6 Kids Goes Wrong. Way Way Very Bad Wrong.

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and RESCUE blogging program. I haven’t had too many issues with the kids, now that my husband is deployed and it’s just me. I thought I’d have a lot more than I do, but we’re managing quite fantastically at home. I have a few tough, stressful […]

♫ Walking in a Sunny Wonderland ♫ with the Omron Fitness Tracker

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Omron Healthcare, Inc. Sometimes, this parenting gig is tough. Some days, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do and take a “time out” to breathe a second, or to escape the crazy (especially like me with eleventy-billion kids). I love my children so desperately much, but mom needs a break […]

Surprise Secret Love Letters To Your Kids

So long as the weather holds out, we walk to and from school every day. Our neighborhood is fairly new, and filled with so much to admire and see while walking, to include a carved heart with someone’s name in the sidewalk from when the concrete was poured. “I wonder who wrote that in the pavement, […]

I Finally Have Eyes in the Back of My Head (and In The Other Room)

As a parent, don’t you wish you had eyes in the back of your head? I need them in this house, especially since it’s just me and the baby at home during the day. In our old house, we had a large great room and it was easy to keep tabs on her, even behind […]

Celebrate Mini Milestones with Netflix #StreamTeam

I’m a compensated member of the Netflix Stream Team. My seven-year-old had her first sleepover about a month ago. Of course, I was nervous nelly – how could she spend a night away from me? From us? But c’mon – girls and costumes and giggling and fingernail painting, it’s just too big to fight. Plus, […]

Mondays of Doom™

My body clock is getting used to the early wake-up call, so I’m the first one up on the weekends now. 7:15 – 7:30am the latest. I know what trying to force myself back to sleep feels like (awful), so I don’t fight the “awake,” I just get up, brew some coffee, and go. To quote Anna, “The […]

Shoelace Parenting Hack

Kids and their shoelaces – am I right? Always tied and untied, and if they’re small and have trouble getting their shoes on their feet, they loosen the shoelaces to get them on, leaving you to have to rethread them. BLEH! My trick? Tie a knot at the end of the shoelaces on each side […]

The Best Friend Surprise

He didn’t know I’d secretly contacted his best friend’s mom to invite his best friend to the water park with us. He didn’t know that, while I was finishing up the AdventureCon conference, his best friend was being driven to the park.  He didn’t know that I was done at my conference, and that I […]