Eve Mattress Review – The Best Sleep of My Life!

This is a sponsored review for eve mattress. Have you ever visited a hotel where the mattress was one of the softest most comfortables things EVER? The kind of soft that swallows you into it – where you lose all track of time and suddenly want to bail on your to-do list so you can just […]

Handling Tough Topics for Kids on Netflix #StreamTeam

I’m a compensated member of the Netflix Stream Team. If you’ve ever tried to talk to your children about peer pressure or talk to them about not being so obsessed with their cell phone all the time, you’ll know that addressing tough topics with your kids can be hard. Even with the littlest ones, it’s not always easy […]

Hosting a Community® Coffee Military Match Appreciation Breakfast

May is Military Appreciation Month, and I couldn’t be more thankful that Community® Coffee wanted me to host a little breakfast-and-coffee shindig at my house for my fellow military spouse friends in honor of their Military Match program. YES, PLEASE! I have some wonderful friends here in North Carolina, some of which are enduring a LOT of military […]

Chocolate Cinnamon Roll Churros

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Hershey’s via MomTrends. Whenever I think of a churro, I think of a carnival, fair, or theme park we’ve visited in the past. Those smiley vendors selling those delectable treats beautifully warmed and crusted with cinnamon sugar. It just makes me smile to think of all the […]

Scrumptious Chocolate French Toast

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Hershey’s via MomTrends. I don’t know about you, but my entire family looooooves chocolate. I look for any occasion to celebrate a little by adding it in a little here and there for my kids, wouldn’t you? Hey kids, who wants chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast?! Or a little […]

Homemade Lip Balm Recipe

My toddler has a fascination with using my lip balm. She loves using them and pretending she has “wipstick wike mommy.” She doesn’t just stop at her lips, however, she’ll smear it all over her mouth, her chin, her skin around her mouth, and keep going and going and going. Then, she twists the lip […]

How to Solve Sibling Rivalry with Netflix Siblings Playlists #StreamTeam

I’m a compensated member of the Netflix Stream Team. I don’t know about you, but my kids get along pretty well *leans in close and whispers* most of the time. They could be having a fabulous day playing well together, but the second baths are taken, TVs are turned on, and Netflix is fired up, […]

Gorgeous GE Premium Slate Finish Appliances Now at Best Buy

This is a sponsored post for Best Buy as part of the Best Buy Bloggers Network. Dream with me for a second, will ya friends? Close your eyes, and envision, if you will, your perfect kitchen. First of all, you’re gonna want space to work. You’re going to want loads of space to store things […]