Best Kids Valentine Card EVER!

It seems, one of my first-grader’s classmates doesn’t like him. Or maybe she really does, in a ‘boys-are-icky’ kind-of way, but she didn’t want him …

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homemade christmas tree

Our Homemade Christmas Tree

Over the years, we’ve accumulated many of our children’s crafts, as well as made it a family tradition to get each family member a commemorative …

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‘Twas A Good Day

(Preface: Today was one of those hair-on-fire, MACH-10 kind-of days where I bounced around like a pinball between both elementary schools for events, but oh, …

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Construct [v. kuhn-struhkt; n. kon-struhkt] Verb: to build or form by putting together parts; frame; devise. Geometry- to draw (a figure) fulfilling certain given conditions. …

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Make Your Own Crayon Nibbles

In our pre-holiday purge, I came across eleventy-billion broken crayons, of course. I had the kids collect them all and bring them downstairs to peel. …

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how to make an easy tutu

How to Make an Easy Tutu

A tutu is an easy enough craft to make right alongside your children, just like I did. My teenager was completely involved with making hers, …

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