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Six Months Old

How did that happen? How did I wake up to find a sweet-faced baby scootch-crawling all over floor? One that gnaws on everything she can …

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A Happy Birthday Lesson (To Me)

Today, as I celebrate being thirty-five years young, and (not) celebrating having to check off the 35-44 category on questionnaires now (instead of the 25-34 …

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Toy Story Birthday Party

This was Baby Dude’s first big-deal birthday party, where he was old enough to realize everything happening. He’d been talking about it being his ‘birt-day” …

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Baby Dude is THREE!

Hi. I’m Baby Dude.Today, I’m fwee (three).I wike Tars (Cars) and Buzz Wite Year. And Woody. And “Po Sawrai” (Power Rangers Samurai).I wike to eat …

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Originally, we’d planned to leave somewhat early today to visit my in-laws and celebrate his eleventh birthday at his grandparents house in Dallas. Instead, we …

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