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They have babies and suffer through the same weight gain and hormones as we do. So how do the stars get back those camera-ready bodies so quickly after having babies? Sure, they employ trainers to help them work out, but trainers or no, they work just as hard to get that weight off as we’ll have to. Take a peek to see which diets and work out regimens stars used to help their Baby Weight Be Gone, too. You’ll be surprised to see some familiar methods. It isn’t all

Jessica Alba – It was reported in People that Jessica shed the baby weight on celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza’s 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone plan. On it, Jessica opted for a low-fat, low-carb diet and worked out with her trainer six days a week.

Halle Berry returned to her pre-pregnancy body using the elliptical and stair climbing machines and by doing kickboxing also with Ramona Braganza. She had food delivered from Freshology, too.Jenny McCarthy

After giving birth to her son Evan, Jenny McCarthy followed her mother’s advice and joined Weight Watchers. She attended meetings at a center in her neighborhood where she swapped recipes with other new moms and eventually dropped the weight.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz has turned to Jackie Keller’s 30-day Body After Baby plan, which incorporates “mommy and me” workouts. Ashlee’s also using Keller’s meal delivery service, called Nutrifit.

Heidi Klum succeeded in getting back her model body by doing intense workouts with a trainer. Heidi also followed a plan similar to the 3-Hour Diet, in which she ate small meals every three hours.

Denise Richards started the Zone Diet after having her son Sam, and began a strict routine of weight lifting and cardio workouts to achieve her goals.

Real stars losing real baby weight using real products, even available for us. I love the mommy and me workouts mentioned in the 30-day Body After Baby book, don’t you? And Jenny McCarthy looks that great after using Weight Watchers!

We can do this!

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