Happiness is ______ {2014-W6} #happinessis

We spent 52 weeks in 2013 celebrating what made us happy, and it WAS a fantastic year. Let’s make 2014 the year where we really truly focus on surrounding ourselves with only joy and happiness all year round, every month, every week, every day.Tell me, what makes you happy? What is it that you do […]

My Must-Have Baby Gear for Baby’s First Six Months

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NUK. The opinions and text are all mine. Having a baby is a miracle in itself, but sometimes those to-do lists and shopping/packing lists from all the parenting books, magazines, and websites can seem quite overwhelming. Do you really need eleventy-billion spit-up rags, a […]

Happiness is ______ {Week Six} #happinessis

2013 is going to be a fantastic year – a year where we collectively focus on the happy and the joy in our lives. What makes you happy? What is it that you do that you can’t get enough of? What makes your soul shine, your eyes beam, and your insides sparkle? Happiness is so […]

I Looked Okay On The Outside

I smiled all of the time and meant it most of the time even though some of the times I didn’t want to smile, but actually cry Openly. In someone’s arms like I was a kid seeking refuge in my mother’s arms after being wronged except the only wrong inflicted was from myself my own […]

One Month Old (and Needing Babywearing Advice)

It’s been a whirlwind thirty days of newborn goodness. My arms as of late are dead weights, though, as her cheeks and thighs fatten up and the gas issues consume her baby stomach and my free time. She loves the Moby wrap, but I am finding it inconvenient outside the house, given the rising temperatures. […]

I Love Babywearing. Let’s Keep It Safe and Educate

My love for babywearing always becomes renewed when I get something new to play with. Introducing our family’s newest sling by Seven Slings called “Carmel Latte.” I. Love. It. So. Much. You can’t beat getting a well-sized sling. He sits so comfortably on my hip in this, snuggling him up against me.  Taken with my […]

HugaMonkey Babywearing Giveaway

I missed out on the opportunity to wear Baby Dude at BlogHer and show everyone our new HugaMonkey sling, but we’re making up for lost time, because I also have one to giveaway to one of you! To win: Leave a comment here about your favorite part of babywearing. If you’ve posted about it, leave […]

Before and After

August 10th 2008, a month-and-a-half before he was born April 21st, 2009, just after our walk today, 6 days until his seven-month birthday (Pardon the smudged glass) And yet, while he’s only really been here a short while, it’s as though he’s been here forever. My husband said it the other day, when he said […]

Thank you Motrin

Note: I took a day or two before posting this. I really needed to collect my thoughts and internalize it all a bit. In case you haven’t already heard, this image is what appears on Motrin’s website now, instead of the ad. It’s an apology, acknowledging our complaints about their ad. Thank you Kathy and […]

Motrin’s New Ad = Wrong Message, Wrong Time, Wrong All Around

During International Babywearing Week, of all weeks, Motrin decided to unveal their new ad calling babywearing ‘a good idea in theory’ and ‘in fashion’ as the reason moms do it. I suppose someone at Motrin felt it was a good idea, since it was a babywearing-targeted message, to unveil it this week. Someone obviously didn’t […]