New! JOHNSON’S HEAD-TO-TOE baby cleansing cloths Make Parents Lives Easier #LittleWonders

I’m a member of the JOHNSON’S® Baby CARES council. I am consistently amazed at how filthy my kids can seemingly get when they play outside. I mean, seriously, was I this dirty when I was a kid? As a former tomboy, I’m sure my mom has her fair share of stories she could share about my kid-like filth, […]

Online Safety this Summer with Net Nanny Internet Protection #NNSummer

This is a sponsored post for Net Nanny Internet Protection Software. It’s June, hooray!🎉Summer is so close, you can just about taste it – the snow cones, the s’mores by the fire, the over chlorinated skin… ahhh, summer! We’ve already been hitting the pool like it’s our job, especially since we experienced a lot of rain recently. […]

Handling Tough Topics for Kids on Netflix #StreamTeam

I’m a compensated member of the Netflix Stream Team. If you’ve ever tried to talk to your children about peer pressure or talk to them about not being so obsessed with their cell phone all the time, you’ll know that addressing tough topics with your kids can be hard. Even with the littlest ones, it’s not always easy […]

Help Kids Create Their Own Destiny #streamteam

I’m a compensated member of the Netflix Stream Team. Have you ever asked your child/ren what they want to be when they grow up? “Someday, I want to be…” or “Someday, I will…” – those are a couple of GREAT questions to ask about their hopes and dreams for their futures. Netflix has some wonderful selections […]

How to Repurpose Easter Baskets

Baskets in all shapes and sizes make me happy. To me, there is no better medium with which to organize than using baskets. They’re so pretty, functional, versatile, and sturdy. Each year on Easter, we crack open the stored box of my children’s baskets, dust them off, prettify them while packing them with goodies to […]

Toddler Play Felt Tree Craft

Are you looking for a solution to the Toddler Kills the Tree™ syndrome? Welcome guest contributor Kristin, mother to five, who has a really smart and cute idea she implemented in her home I just had to have her share with you! I love Christmas. Like, really really love it. As in, I’m-looking-for-Christmas-things-on-Pinterest-in-July kind-of love it. […]

Cosmic or Divine Intervention? Take Two

Good gravy, people. Yesterday, something happened that gave me chills. Something that practically mirrored what happened almost two years ago, when I wrote a story about a chain of events that happened that made me question my beliefs on whether or not something else is truly “out there.” Divine intervention, if you will. This story begins […]

My Right Hand Baby {Video}

I turn the corner in the kitchen, and she immediately begins to wail. She has to have me in her sights every waking moment, or else, she’s a massive pile of whimpering infant. I have never, ever had a baby this attached to me so much. It’s almost… foreign to me, the changes between this child and […]

Printable Holiday Savings Bank for Kids

Are your children excited about the upcoming holiday and looking to earn a little extra money to buy something for you or for someone they love? I think the holidays are a great time to teach children about saving money for things to buy, whether for themselves or for others. There’s a lot of spending […]

Top 10 Things Parenting Books Don’t Tell You (and I Wish They Did!)

Oh, if only there was some magical book out there that cracked the “kid” code of all the goofy stuff they constantly do that makes you scratch your head. I’ve compiled a list of the Top Ten things I wish they WOULD put in those parenting books: Why, after you spend your time washing, drying, […]

Playdate at the Park and Proof Mom Truly Exists

I’m the picture-taker. The memory-preserver. The life-capturer. But when I’m the one behind the camera shooting all the time, I’m rarely in the shots themselves, unless I use my DSLR with remote. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen right now, because I broke the lock off my memory card a few weeks back, and rendered […]

Parents, Please Read: Your Kids Are Going Hungry

I’m not even sure where to begin with this post, so bear with me while I battle to get this all out. I began this school year like any other, with excited kids and coffee-propelled abilities to orchestrate my children out the door on time in their shiny new duds. I promised this year I’d stay on top […]

Making It Count

Some days are more frantic than others – when no matter how hard I run after it, I can’t catch my breath, I can’t find where I last placed my sanity, and a quick whiff under my arm tells me I’ve forgotten more than my first name and whether or not I had breakfast. But […]

Flashback Friday – Healthy Family-Friendly Dinner Recipes

Happy TGIF! (And Friday the 13th, eek!) Let’s bring on the healthy family friendly dinner recipes, woohoo! A few weeks ago while away at the Type-A Conference, I experienced what felt like heartburn in my stomach. Ever since then, every time I eat something with even a smidgeon of fat in it, I experience it […]

When Mom Gets Six Unintentional Days Off

I didn’t intend to take six days off from writing, I just had backend issues with this website that had to be worked out before I could. This was, most certainly, NOT time off as much as TIME STRESSING. I feel the gray hairs taking over. But when a writer can’t write because the tools […]

Big Families: How Do You Do It? {One-On-One Kid Time}

“How do you do it?” Series hosted by Lolli from Better in Bulk, Lisa from Crazy Adventures in Parenting, Christine from From Dates to Diapers, Kadi from Our Seven Seeds, and Kate from The Guavalicious Life. Join us each week for more tips from moms of big families! After a little break, the Big Families “How Do You Do It” Series […]

Big Families: How Do You Do It? {Summer Break}

“How do you do it?” Series hosted by Lolli from Better in Bulk, Lisa from Crazy Adventures in Parenting, Christine from From Dates to Diapers, Kadi from Our Seven Seeds, and Kate from The Guavalicious Life. Join us each week for more tips from moms of big families! Oh, friends. It’s summer. It’s exciting, because you dream of lazy days at […]

Why Summer is Going To Kill Me

12pm After mom puts the baby to sleep, she mistakenly thinks she can actually get some work done since the kids are amusing themselves outside. 12:11pm – Eight-year-old comes in proclaiming he’s “bored.” I instruct him that there are many things he can do, or he can do chores, but he will NOT play video […]

Sixth Grade Graduation and Awards Ceremony 2012

At first, I didn’t understand why the kids had to dress up. “Oscar Inspired” awards ceremony made no sense to me. My daughter told me her friends were “dress shopping” for this event. Wait? What? Why? I read the announcement paper she handed me, talking about how jeans were “discouraged” but dress slacks, shirts with […]

Blogging Inspiration from SARK

When you’re in college, you go through that self-discovery phase – who am I? What am I doing on this Earth? What am I going to be when I grow up? Am I ready to take on the world? I loved my college campus, sitting underneath the beautiful trees, soaking up the sun, reading a […]

Kids Sleep Anywhere: The Field Day Edition

My seven-year-old, Super M, had his school’s “field day” yesterday. Thankfully, with all the military moves we’ve endured, and the school changes and differences in school curriculums, no matter where we’ve moved to, every school our kids have attended have held a “field” or “fun” day in which the kids get a day to be […]

Twilight Zone Kind-of Weird

Have you ever awakened to be greeted by a stranger-than-normal day? As if your alarm clock’s ring was the theme song to the Twilight Zone, and everything you do and experience feels strange, pegging your day as one best spent in bed instead of trying to get anything done? That was my day yesterday. I […]

Mother’s Day Magic

Two years ago, I had arguably the worst Mother’s Day ever. My husband was away, I was sick, and the kids completely forgot the day altogether. Not only did they forgot about it, they didn’t even bother to help their ailing mother, either. It was so odd in it’s awfulness how it all went down […]

The Evolution of Phrases As A Parent

Have you ever considered the differences in a simple phrase, and the variations of meanings at different ages in your child’s life? Let’s take, for instance, the phrase “Talk to me.” When they’re newborn-small, and they’re making these sweet coo-ing faces at you, and you so desperately want them to continue being animated while looking […]

Constant Interruptions and Taking Back the Quiet

“Mommy? What does a butterfly’s legs look like?” My sweet-faced, girly-voiced five-year-old asked me, while coloring the big box I gave her so she could make a pretend car. “They’re small like..” “Princesses?” She interrupts. “No, baby. Let me finish. They’re like..” I attempt to continue. “Ladybugs?” Interrupting yet again. “Baby? Can I finish what I’m […]

Truth Tuesday

There are days when I see myself so much in her, I can’t help but be transported immediately back to childhood. The tea parties, the hair-doing, the make-up stealing, the love of dress-up and dolls and choreographing the perfect game of House. Despite looking so much like her father, she is such a mini-me and […]

One (Heartbreakingly Beautiful) Week

“Mommy? Why is your belly still big?” My seven-year-old asked. “Because my belly is still getting used to not having Baby V in it, sweetie. It now has a lot of air in it.” I answered. Likening it to a balloon, he poked at it a bit, but I winced, as I was still a […]