Hosting a Community® Coffee Military Match Appreciation Breakfast

May is Military Appreciation Month, and I couldn’t be more thankful that Community® Coffee wanted me to host a little breakfast-and-coffee shindig at my house for my fellow military spouse friends in honor of their Military Match program. YES, PLEASE! I have some wonderful friends here in North Carolina, some of which are enduring a LOT of military […]

Sofia the First Preschool Playdate #DisneyKids

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of inviting a few friends over for a fun Disney Preschool Princess Playdate! Our friends at Walt Disney World Resort and MomSelect sent us a wonderful celebration kit filled with fun stuff to help us pamper and shower our playdate guests with pixie dust! We used everything from the box, including fun […]

Baby V’s Second Birthday Garden Party

Yesterday was a full day of preparations for Baby V’s second birthday party. Because she’s shy and afraid of strangers, she isn’t the friendliest baby in the world, so we opted to invite only our neighbors and kids’ friends she sees all the time so she’d be surrounded by familiar faces. (Unfortunately, it still didn’t […]

Chicken Broccoli Spinach Artichoke Wreath

As you already know, I used to sell Pampered Chef, and I’m a HUGE fan of their products, their stones, and making wreaths, rings, braids, and twists. If you’re looking for something easy with a wow factor to serve guests when entertaining, whether for football, parties, or get-togethers, this recipe is it! (Not to mention, […]

Happiness is ______ {Week Twenty-Nine} #happinessis

2013 is going to be a fantastic year – a year where we collectively focus on the happy and the joy in our lives. What makes you happy? What is it that you do that you can’t get enough of? What makes your soul shine, your eyes beam, and your insides sparkle? Happiness is so […]

Super Mario Party Ideas – How to Throw a Fun Mario Party

On a sunny Sunday in April, we threw a HUGE Mario Party at our house. We invited over a gaggle of friends to nosh on some fantastic Whole Foods catering and enjoy playing some wonderful new games on Nintendo’s new Wii U game system. I think the only thing missing from the party was a […]

Starbucks Valentines Twitter Party Event! 2/8 12pm EST

Oh yes, we’re doing it again. It’s a Starbucks VALENTINE’S Party this time! Starbucks, the coffee brand we all know and love (and worship, ahem), will be our gracious sponsors once again of this fantabulous Valentine’s Day event on Twitter on February 8th 2013 12-1pm EST. We’ll talk about all things coffee, chocolate, Valentine’s Day, gift-giving, and brainstorm […]

Starbucks Holiday Twitter Party Event! 12/19 1pm EST

Yes, I did just say Starbucks, and yes, I did just say PARTAYYY! Starbucks, the coffee brand you know and love, will be the gracious sponsors of this fan-freaking-tastic holiday event on Twitter on December 19th 2012 1-2pm EST in which we’ll talk about all things coffee, holidays, gifts, and brainstorm some wonderful ways to combine […]

Flashback Friday – Fourth of July Ideas

Yay! It’s Fridayyyyyyy, baby! To help make your Fourth of July plans that much sparklier, check out the Independence Day posts I’ve curated for you! I love these Fourth of July ideas, I hope you will, too! — Rachel Lacy, food writer over at, has created some lovely Rice Krispies Treats Sparklers. What are […]

Chili’s Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadillas {Healthified} Recipe

Despite our Steelers not playing in the Super Bowl this year, we’re still die-hard football fans, and we planned to celebrate and watching football nonetheless. For the big game Sunday, we wanted to entertain with some easy-to-eat appetizers for dinner (easy for little fingers as well as for us adult folks, too). We stuck with […]

Pampered Chef Chicken Broccoli Wreath Recipe

I used to sell Pampered Chef. I own probably more than half their catalog, as I was quite passionate about it (hence why I began selling it). In fact, the only reason I stopped selling it was because I gave birth and my leave-of-absence hadn’t been put it properly, so I subsequently lost my almost […]

Halloween Recipe: Spooky Alien Cupcakes

This recipe is pretty simple, actually. And ridiculously fun for your children to decorate. Pick out (or make from scratch) your favorite chocolate cake mix, poured into either a regular cupcake pan or a mini cupcake pan (as we did), frost ’em with your favorite frosting (colored or otherwise), and decorate as you wish. The […]

Halloween Appetizers: Mummified Hot Dogs

I’m a huge pigs-in-a-blanket fan, but cocktail weinies you often find are chock-filled with additives and preservatives, as well as the dough they use. We always buy Oscar Meyer franks that are all-beef and have no extra additives, preservatives and colorings, so we decided to create our own ghoulish creation for our Halloween, recipe inspired by […]

5 Tips to Throw an Awesome Halloween Party (Post Sponsored by Kmart)

My husband leaves this Sunday to go away for two weeks, and will miss spending Halloween with us. We decided not to let this news get us down, so we threw our own Halloween party this weekend, before he leaves, complete with Halloween costumes, Halloween decorated house, and Halloween party snacks out of this world. Tip #1: […]

Homemade Whoopie Pies with Pumpkin Cream Cheese

As you know, I bake my own desserts from scratch most of the time to control what goes into each recipe to ensure we eat all-natural and organics. For our Halloween Party, we used an organic boxed chocolate cake mix, which we thickened up with a little organic flour to produce chocolate cake-like cookies to […]