Lack of Coffee Super Cleaning Powers

It’s 8:30am and I’m just now sitting down. The kids are fed, off to school, hubby is probably stuck in morning rush hour traffic, and I’m finally slurping my first delightful cup of coffee while dripping sweat. Why are you sweating, Lisa, you ask? Imagine, if you will, my kindergartner getting dressed while I was […]

Operation Awesome School Lunch Update

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve updated about what we’re up to here with our Operation Awesome School Lunch project. We are still motivated and doing it regularly, much to the kids’ enjoyment, however, it’s been a lot of repeats for dinner which then became repeats for lunch that you’ve already seen. In case […]

Best Corn Bread Recipe & Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Yes, this is the recipe you’ve been waiting for all your life. (Okay, maybe not all your life, but pretty darn close.) I alluded to it in my school lunch wrap-up post last week that I had created the bestest of the best corn bread recipes ever, and I am sharing it with you today! […]

Operation Awesome School Lunch, Week 4

Week four was quite the exciting one! We had LOTS of cool, different goodies for the kids to feast on this week. Take a look at our menu┬áthis week: Lots of tasty, tasty things there, eh? After having tortilla soup for dinner on a cold, rainy Sunday, warm baked cheeseburger wraps were easy enough to […]

Back to School, Back to Me

I will readily admit I was vehemently against sending the kids back to school. I loved our lazy summer mornings, unlimited in-bed tickling wars chock-filled with wet bathing suits everywhere, squealing happy and tanned-skin kids, and a momma without a crazy, schedule-filled calendar of extra curriculars. I dreaded the 5:45am alarm for this year with […]

Operation Awesome School Lunch, Week 3

This was a weird week, friends. This was my first week NOT posting everyday what we did, and somehow that screwed up SO MUCH for me. I completely forgot to take pictures of Thursday’s “Taco Macaroni” school lunch, and Monday’s pictures were craptastic. What the hey? The good news is, we started using new lunchboxes […]

Operation Awesome School Lunch, Day 9

**Important!** Question for those of you following along with my lunch-making series: Do you find posting everyday is beneficial to you? Or do you choose to check the main page instead at your leisure? I enjoy posting these for you everyday, giving you the updates, etc., but I’m concerned that maybe it’s clogging up my […]

Operation Awesome School Lunch, Day 8

Sadly, yesterdays meal was both delicious for my junior high kids and NOT ENOUGH. That is never something that makes me happy to hear, especially when experimenting such as I am with this school lunch project. Not enough food is a gigantic fail in my book. Note to self: Next time we make pasta, we’re […]

Today, I Broke Down and Gave In

The past two weeks of “back-to-school” have been particularly tough for me, watching my kindergartner go off the first time, my oldest son practicing at 6:15am for (TEXAS!!) tackle football for his new-to-him junior high, getting used to the 5:45am alarm clock, 18-hour days, cooking spectacular lunches, all with a teething infant and a smidgeon […]

Operation Awesome School Lunch, Day 7

Woo! We’ve been at this a full seven days! One week of awesome school lunches, wahoo! Day 6 went over mostly well. The kids loved partaking in chicken bacon ranch quesadillas for lunch, but my kindergartner barely ate her lunch, spending too much time using the restroom and not enough time eating, even if I […]