Charitable Giving with Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Projects

They didn’t ask too many questions when I gave them the task to “look for Disney stuff.” The only questions each of my children would ask me was, “Is this okay?” when they’d show me what they found. They commanded the job with such authority, navigating aisle after aisle searching for Disney stocking stuffers. “Do […]

Giving Back this Holiday Season

Do you see all those boxes there? Those Priority Mail boxes moved me to a gigantic puddle of tears. Those boxes are being sent to soldiers overseas this holiday. My children’s middle school organized an Adopt-a-Soldier campaign, which ended up becoming Adopt-Many-Soldiers when our schools’ families got involved. Every fifth and sixth grader proudly collected […]

The Kmart Layaway Secret Santa

I love these types of holiday stories this time of year, showcasing the kindness of strangers. This particular story involves a woman, donating a cart-full of toys at her local Kmart, and deciding to give even more. Except, she wasn’t shopping for more toys to donate, she wanted to pay someone’s layaway purchase, too. Three […]

6 Ways You Can Help the Military

This Veteran’s Day, people are looking for ways to help our military, either in acts of service, donations, or lending their support in other ways. Here’s six different ways you may not have known about that you can help our military right now. 1. Give to help shelter a VetHomes for Our Troops helps construct […]

Join Us for the Cheerios #sendCheer Twitter Party on 11/10 and Help Support #military Families

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed I’ve been tweeting and retweeting a lot about something called “#sendcheer” lately. It’s a campaign I’m currently running with Collective Bias that I couldn’t be more excited about. As an Army wife myself, helping military families, big or small, is something I’m quite passionate about, […]

A Christmas Wish

He’s bowling the several barrels of wrapping paper down around him, banging them together, giggling as he whacks things to and fro. I watch, fixated by his playfulness. He has no idea what these rolls of decorated paper are for, what will be beneath them tomorrow as he shreds his way to find fortunes and […]

Wishing For A Carbon Neutral Holiday

As the holidays near, Brighter Planet is getting into the spirit of giving. Yesterday they launched the One Day campaign. They’re donating a day’s worth of our premium offsets to those willing to conserve during the holidays. Because of my past help with their 350 Challenge, they have donated 136 pounds of offsets in my […]

The Mother Letter Project

It’s every once in a while that you read something that moves you beyond words. Well, almost beyond words, or else I wouldn’t be able to post about this, eh? Imagine a husband who, after spending some time overseas helping the poor, felt that, with today’s society being all about the newest toys, gadgets, financing […]

Paging Dr. Patience… Dr Patience, You’re Needed in Curtain Two…

Ah yes, patience. In some families today it’s almost treated as though it were a cuss-word, which is sad. Patience I believe is a big deal, one of those ‘out of the park home run’ kinda things, that even if you aren’t the best at it, you need to strive to achieve. With children, it […]

Want it to be Christmas all year long?

Each year my family and I try to do something additional we haven’t done the year before for the holidays. Something to make this holiday ‘different’, or ‘more special’.We’re people who always help, always donate, but we take it a step further for the holiday. We’ve always had a ‘closet clean out’ in which the […]